Thursday Treasures: Michaelmas!

I was super excited to head over to Etsy and make a new treasury just like I used to years ago. I love the treasury tools for supporting and encouraging other small businesses, and enjoy sharing the treasures I discover with you. Then I found out they’re getting rid of the treasury option in October, and I was very sad. Ah well… But for now!


‘Michaelmas Treasures’ by annettemarie

Some treasures to celebrate courage, bravery, and dragon-slaying!

Baby dragon doll waldorf toy…


Michaelmas – Saint Michael a…


What Color is Your Dragon- M…


Wool Felt Craft Kit-Knight-P…

General, Michaelmas

What to do with Michaelmas?

Even before the divorce, Michaelmas was a bit of a challenge for me. How could such an oft overlooked celebration be so overstuffed with meaning as it was in our family? There was secular Michaelmas, the saint’s day celebration of St. Michael casting Satan from Heaven, and on top of that, it was both Nicholas’s birthday AND Michael’s name day! It was almost too much.

And now, all my wee ones will be in school on this day. It becomes a bit of a temptation to throw up my hands and say “What’s the point of even trying to celebrate? It’s not like anyone even thinks of Michaelmas anymore anyway.”

Books and Literature

In *My* Book Basket

(And by “book basket,” I mean “big pile of books next to my bed,” LOL!)

This is what I’m reading right now:


The Whole-Brain Child: 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph. D.
This book combines my love of the theoretical and the practical, as well as taking a holistic approach to both brain and emotional development. I’m also a sucker for 12 easy steps. I found this in the Little Free Library outside the twins’ school and have found it super helpful in my dealings with all my kids.

Daniel, General, Montessori

Grace and Courtesy

We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity. ~Maria Montessori

This year I have six children in three different schools. The oldest three are all at the local public arts magnet, one as a vocal major in the middle school, one as a vocal major in the high school, and one is a senior (!!!!) cellist in the instrumental department. The two youngest are at a local public charter school that has a strong arts focus. While I am not crazy about charter schools, I also struggled because our local neighborhood school has become progressively more and more focused on state testing and punitive discipline than actual education. I was happy to have the twins out of it, but was worried because Daniel had two more years there.

Autumn, General, Musings

My Will’s Fiery Energy

  O Nature, your maternal life
I bear within the essence of my will.
And my will’s fiery energy
Shall steel my spirit striving,
That sense of self springs forth from it.
~Calendar of the Soul, 26th Week (Sept 17-24)


Every week the Calendar of the Soul reading pops up in my in box– you can read it online weekly here (although the page is kind of messed up) or use this site to sign up for the COTS mailing list– and this week’s verse seemed to coincide particularly well with my newfound resolve to start up the blog again.