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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

spiderThis morning in the car on the way to preschool, the twins were talking about a spider they saw inside the house. Inside the house! I’m not sure how they’ve never seen one inside before, but for some reason this rocked their little world. Why was he inside the house? What did he want? Was he there for a reason? Didn’t he know he belonged outside? The questions were flowing fast and quick.

Last night, I found an article on using “I wonder” questions to foster inquiry and curiosity, so I decided to give it a go. “I wonder,” I said to the twins, “how that spider came into our house. Do you have any ideas? Any theories?”

Spotlight on… Molly!

Oh, Molly. What can I say about Molly? Often , half joking, I say that Molly is just like me if I had even fewer filters and no moral compass. But really, she’s  a lot like me. It’s ridiculous.

Mommy and Molly

As a baby, Molly was super serious. In fact, it became a bit of a Facebook joke. People were surprised when a picture of Molly smiling made an appearance!

Serious MollyShe’s a super happy girl now though. Molly loves her big sister and reading.

Molly and Katie

Her best friend is still her twin brother, Matthew.

Molly preschool

Spotlight on… Matthew

It’s hard to know what to say say about Matthew. When people used to ask (as people do when you have more than two children) when you’re going to stop procreating, I used to say “Oh, you know, when God gives us an easy one.” And then God sent me Matty… and, for good measure and to keep me on my toes, threw in Molly as well. Ha, ha, ha… good one, God!

Matthew in a Tree

Spotlight on… Daniel!

Baby DanielI’ve recently been going through old posts on the blog, and I’ve realized that Daniel is my very first baby who was born while I was blogging here on Seasons of Joy! From his homebirth, fussy baby days to this happy, cheerful little guy, his infant and toddler days have been well documented here. But now it’s time for a bit of an update.

Daniel isn’t so little anymore. He’s a third grader and is just about ready to turn nine. NINE! I can’t believe it! He’s a lovely little guy and filled with a lot of joy, although he does have a bit of a Pokemon obsession. He also has a penchant for all things Japanese, which I find interesting. PokeDan

Spotlight on… Nicholas

It’s spring break week for all my kiddos. And luckily (???) I’ve been dealing with some fairly serious medical issues that mean I get to be here at home with them while they’re on break. And this little guy? He’s just the sweetest.


Nicholas is always there with a sweet hug and kind words. He goes through life with a pretty good sense of humor, and even when things do go wrong (like when I accidentally shaved him bald during the Great Lice Epidemic of 2015, he rallies nicely.


Spotlight on… Katie Grace

Oh, this little girl. I cannot believe how she has changed from this serious little baby with barely any hair

katie_and_her_sling_166x250to this absolutely lovely, self-confident young lady.

Katie Grace has successfully made the transition from homeschooling/cyber schooling this year. We were so pleased when she was accepted to the local public creative and performing arts magnet school as a vocal arts student. She’s 14 now– spunky, sassy, and such a comfort and friend to me.

She’s given up ballet classes and instead directs much of her energy towards singing, both at school and in the Concentio Touring Choir at the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts. (Seriously, listen… It gives me goosebumps every time!)

Spotlight on… Michael

I thought I would take some time to reaquaint you with our family. It also gives *me* an opportunity to reflect a little on my children and the wonderful people they’ve become, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with that.

Michael is now an amazing 17-year-old young man. He is a junior at our local creative and performing arts magnet school, where he “majors” in instrumental music. Specifically, he plays the cello, although he also dabbles in piano, singing, and composition. Somehow, he’s gone from an 8-year-old boy who whined about cello practice to a 17-year-old who practices for hours on end and has to be told to stop playing at night because other people are trying to sleep.

What a Year!

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve blogged. I’ve missed it a lot, though, and plan on getting back into the habit. I’m thinking a lot about what I’d like to write– a lot has changed over the past year or so– but I’d love to hear from you all as well.

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