Andy Warhol’s Cats

I know, I know– when you think “Andy Warhol” you think soup cans, not kitty cats and puppy dogs. But on our recent outing to the Carnegie Science Center we saw these little cuties.

Matthew and Molly especially liked them!

So this week for art appreciation, we learned a little more about Andy Warhol’s cat and dog series. We followed it up by creating our own Warhol cat drawings following these directions from Art Projects for Kids, an awesome web site.

Source: Art Projects for Kids

Waldorf homeschool art appreciation
Our little art museum

We decided to use color pencils instead of watercolors. Nicholas went with a rainbow tail and Daniel’s was much more… um… interpretive than the rest of them.


  1. Very cool (: Have you seen the book

    We stumbled upon it at the library and enjoyed it.

    I love your cat art (:

  2. I don’t know if the link came through. If not, the book is called Uncle Andy’s Cats — about Andy written from his nephew’s childhood perspective visiting. Anyway, maybe you’ll enjoy it, too (:

    1. Author

      Ooh, thank you– I will definitely check it out!

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