Art, Rhythms and Routines

Developing a Weekly Art Rhythm

From the archives…

Since we have been talking about art, this might be a good time to
plan out your own weekly art rhythm.
Not only will you want to explore what you want to get done and what
day you wish to do it, but you may also want to pick a time and commit
to your child that every day (or every other day or whatever works for
your family) you will have art time. Our art time is following nap and
snack. We may do “projects” at other times, but we always have a
standing date after snack! I guess what I am trying to say is that you
really do have to be intentional about it. For the longest time, I
wanted to do art projects, but something always got in the way. The
easiest way to be held accountable to a predictable art time is to
tell your child- they will definitely not let you out of it!

This is something you will have to work out for your own family, but I
have posted below our art schedule with some explanatory notes. Please
note that I have a three-year-old son and a ten-month-old daughter.

On Monday we paint. Monday’s for us just seem to have a water-theme
going (we wash clothes and floors, we tend to play in the water table
on this day, etc.) and it just seemed like wet-on-wet water colors fit
right in! However, we have been known to also use other types of

On Tuesday we model with beeswax or dough. Tuesdays are a real energy
day (“Iron on Tuesday…) and we get our heavy work done on this day.
Using our hands to model beeswax or dough seemed like a good choice
for us.

On Wednesday, we make something to give away. This is the day we focus
on friendships and loved ones. We often have play dates on this day,
and we walk to the post office to mail letters.

On Thursday, we color. Why? Because we want to! Thursdays is usually a
busy day for us- La Leche League or running errands- and coloring is a
fairly easy thing for Mama to pick up and do!

On Friday, I like to make a toy for my children. It’s the end of the
week, we’re winding down, and it’s just my way of saying I love you!
Sometimes it’s a toy they can help make, other times I will work on a
doll or something while they hang around.

Sometimes we do crafty things on the weekends, but it’s nothing carved
in stone.

So, there you have it- our weekly art rhythm.
What will yours be?