Today was the first day in our Lenten journey. We turned our family altar into a Lenten alter, with a purple base cloth, a bare wooden cross draped in purple, an unlit candle, a statue of Jesus DH’s parents brought back from Israel, and a vase filled with bare branches. I want to also add a bowl-full of earth, but the yard is covered with sludgy snow and bare earth is a little hard to come by right now. We also made a paper chain with purple links for weekdays, golden links for Sundays, and a white link for Easter.


Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan.
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake,
Catch it if you can!
-Christina Rosetti

Happy Shrove Tuesday! Today was a laid-back sort of day. It had to be. I don’t know why it is, but it seems like whenever we have a really good day, the next bad is really hard. I don’t know if it’s that it takes so much energy to have a good day, or that I set myself up for a fall, or what, but it always seems to follow. Yesterday was good, today was not so good.

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Michael was home today for Presidents’ Day, so it was a good opportunity to “try out” having him home. It went remarkably well!

8:30 Woke up, showered. Nicholas and Katie Grace were still snuggled up in bed. It is really, really hard to get out of bed when they’re so snuggly. Usually, I give in and stay with them, but this morning I won the battle against myself and hopped out.

8:15 Roll out of bed, get dressed. Dress Nicholas. Say goodbye to Daddy and Michael. Finish breakfast and tidy kitchen and playroom. Switch the laundry.

9:00 Set Katie Grace up with handwriting. Vacuum with Nicholas’s “help”. Write first draft of a thank-you note to Grandma. Play a domino/subtraction math game. Learn the “sweet treat” rule (basically, “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking”.) Tell the story of The Three Bears and draw a letter B picture.

10:00 Make blueberry quick bread from a mix, because I’m really, really tired today. I’m not sleeping well lately. :( The kids don’t care, though, and help mix it up.


If you’re happy and you know it…

…give a hug

…blow a kiss

Day for Love

Pretty red hearts (trace heart outline in the air)
And two by two (hold up two fingers on each hand)
Holding hands (clasp hands together)
And “I love you” (hold hands to heart)

Scented flowers (pretend to sniff flowers)
From garden vines,
A day for love—St. Valentine’s!

Five Little Valentines

Five little valentines
From the corner store.
I gave one to Mommy;
Now there are four!

Four little valentines,
Pretty ones to see.
I gave one to Brother (or Sister or friend’s name);
Now there are three!

Happy Candlemas!

The day started out a little crazy, but ended nicely. After we finally got going (must make an effort to address these lazy starts!) and everyone had breakfast, I set Katie Grace up with handwriting while I cleaned. Then I kept her going with a spring in the big woods pictures while I cleaned. Then I still needed to clean, so she drew a picture of her family and Laura’s family. At that point, I was pretty much done cleaning, so we cuddled up in the chair and read a few chapters of Farmer Boy.

Today was another crabby, get-nothing-done sort of day. Cuddling in bed til 9 is nice, but it completely throws me off my routine. Also, I have another dang cold. Then to top it off, I turned the computer on this morning instead of waiting til night like I’ve been trying to do, and pretty much got sucked in all day long. So, I pretty much did nothing today. I feel like the whole day was a waste. :(

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What our day looked like 😀

7:15 Woke up, meant to get out of bed. Nicholas was cuddled up next to me, and had somehow managed to get his hand under my shirt and had it resting on my big baby belly. Decided I didn’t want to move.

8:30 Michael came in and said goodbye, and so did Chip. Nicholas finally woke up and Katie Grace climbed into bed and we lay there snuggling and talking to the baby for another 15 minutes.

So, we’re almost done with Little House in the Big Woods and have just about made the transition from K12 back to a more Waldorf-inspired way of schooling. We’ve set math aside for a bit, but she still likes to read to me everyday, so we do that. I do want her to have that “relationship” with the letters and numbers and understand not just how to write them and what sounds they make, but the “qualities” of them, so we’re going to do the fairy tale/letter thing next.

I came to the realization tonight that the big reasons weekends are so stressful is that we have no rhythm. This is not good. I also finally made a connection that this is why everyone breaks down after dinner as well. So, my goal for the next week is to try to think of a way to add a little rhythm and structure to our weekends and evening after dinner but before bedtime. Suggestions are happily accepted.