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I don’t know if I mentioned it, but over the Christmas holidays we made some big changes. We moved the table to the breakfast nook and changed the dining room into a schoolroom/playroom. It’s a little crowded at meals, but I’d rather be a tiny bit cramped for a half-hour a day or so than confused and unorganized all day long.

So, this is the erstwhile dining room. The door you see is to the kitchen. The picture on the wall is Our Lady of Good Counsel, one of my favorite representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and, in my opinion, a particularly good choice for the homeschooling room.


You know, I never quote know what to put here. I have two mailing lists: Natural Childhood, where I try to post tips, ideas, recipes–just little things for adding Waldorf-inspired ideas to your life–and feasts and festivals, which is mostly feasts and festivals, LOL! I guess I invisioned this as a place to post day-to-day stuff. But I’ve been trying so hard to stay offline during the day, and by the time night rolls around, I’m really, really tired.



Today was remarkably smooth, especially considering that Michael was home from school. Daddy took Michael to his dentist appointment first thing, and Nicholas went along because he has his first appointment this summer. Katie Grace and I did some main lesson stuff. After snack, we did some cleaning together. We have a good deal of brass in our living room–I know, how Brady Bunch!–and did some good large-muscle polishing.

We read a picture book about Martin Luther King, Jr, although I left out the part where he was assassinated. We focused on being peacemakers today.


If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales.
If you want them to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales.
Albert Einstein

Katie Grace is totally into Grimm’s Fairy Tales lately. I have a huge paperback that has them all, no illustrations, and it’s her first pick at story time, every time.

We’re running into a couple issues, though.

One: While I completely get the whole archetypal deal, I’m utterly uncomfortable identifying the villain as a “Jew” or other stereotypical bad guy. So there’s some quick thinking involved to change things around.

Ah, the end of the week! We’re still all working on getting healthy. I didn’t go volunteer in Michael’s classroom today and sent my hubby instead. He had a great time. Maybe we’ll take turns!

I missed a midwife appointment last Friday because of my cold, and am going tomorrow instead. I’m really looking forward to some peaceful time alone. I’m a complete introvert, and depend on alone time to recharge my batteries. This makes attachment parenting a little difficult for me, but if I can find the right balance, it all works out.

I was feeling so guilty about not getting back into a rhythm last week like I wanted to, and then I was reading in All Year Round that today is Plough Monday. The Monday after Epiphany, it’s traditionally a day for putting aside the final remnants of Christmas and “putting one’s hand to the plough” and getting to work. We had a lovely day, too.

We’ve changed our dining room into a play/school room (I’m hoping to do pictures eventually) and moved our table to the breakfast nook. It’s so nice to eat where we cook. It’s just cozier.

Ugh! I am feeling so frustrated right now.

On Christmas Eve, Michael began complaining of a sore throat. Christmas day, he had pink eye and a burst eardrum. Boxing Day, he had two pink eyes and two burst ear drums. We had been treating it homeopathically and herbally (mullein drops for the ears before they burst and eyebright compresses for the eyes) but decided to go to a doc. We came home with three prescriptions for antibiotic/steroid eyedrops, oral antibiotics, and eardrops. We filled the eyedrops and skipped the rest.

The next day Michael broke out in hives from the eyedrops.

Yesterday was supposed to be our “new commitment” to Waldorf-inspired living and routines, but it just didn’t happen. We all have been ill, starting with Michael on Christmas Eve. The penultimate moment of patheticness was Michael moaning “Why can’t we just have a nice Christmas like everyone else” on the way to the doctor with double pink eye. Yesterday was my turn at the doctor’s, and I found out I had both a sinus infection AND a double ear infection. Needless to say, I spent most of my day asleep in bed and left DH in charge, which meant a good deal of television. Sigh.

We used to have family meetings, and the kids missed it a lot. Tonight we had the first family meeting in a long time.

New Business included:
* This week’s schedule
* Can the children have a glass of wine? (Answer: No)
* Changes to the morning routine
* Can we plant more flowers this spring? (Discussion tabled)
* Michael wants to help pack his school lunches
* Michael is worried because the occupational therapist “gets angry” when he isn’t at school by 8:30 for OT on Thursdays. (Note, school doesn’t actually start til 8:45. DH is going in early with Michael on Thursday to find out what the heck is going on. Or maybe I will. Bwahahaha!
* Chores and allowance
* Computer usage negotiation
* Can we go ice skating? (Answer: Sadly, no. There is no ice skating rink near us)
* Library routine