No more letters to Santa…

but I can’t help but think that this is even sweeter.

FROM: Michael F*****
TO: Chip & Annette F*****
SUBJECT: Christmas Gifts

Dear Mom and Dad,
Please get me one or more of the following. A Maverick Nerf Gun, a new basketball (Wilson brown leather please), a few packs of football cards.

A gift certificate for Toys R Us, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, or Nerf Strike Elite (Wii Game).

The Thirty Nine Clues Book 2 and 3. A few Matt Christopher books. The Red Badge of Courage.

Michael F*****

Crafty Stuff

I am a crazy mad genius

If I do say so myself.

While working on the Advent book- and it’s almost done! YAY!- I suddenly had a brainflash about my dirty beeswax crayons. Complete non sequitor, I know. This is the way my brain works.


I thought to myself, if Goo Gone works to remove crayons from the tables, walls, other toys, and whatever else my toddler decides will make a good substitute for paper, maybe it would work to clean up my grungy crayons.

And OH MY GOSH! it did!

Circle, Feasts and Festivals

Circle Time: A Thankfulness Circle

wo to three weeks, perhaps adding something here or there or taking something away to keep it fresh. I’m hoping to show this to you next month with our four Advent circles.

November, however, was a bit of an odd month, with Martinmas the second week and Thanksgiving the last, so we ended up starting out with a Harvest Circle Time, then Martinmas, then the story of The Little Red Hen, which I felt went with the harvest mood of the month. And now we’ll wrap things up, returning to the harvest and focusing on a spirit of gratitude. Unfortunately this isn’t a terribly active circle, but it’s also not terribly long.

Seasons of Joy

Seasons of Joy has a Facebook page!

Wow! That Advent book is almost finished. Almost, but not quite. There are still a lot of finishing touches to add on. Meanwhile, I’ve created a Facebook page for Seasons of Joy.

I have a lot of plans on the table. I don’t know how many of them will come to fruition, but some of the things I’d like to do in the coming year include…

–completely redoing the web page and moving it to its own domain name (I think that’s what you call it,LOL!)

–inviting readers of Seasons of Joy to share pictures of them doing the activities, which I will then post on the website

Advent, Seasons of Joy

An apology… and an announcement!

Unfortunately, I will not get my post on evening routines up today. I had one of the days where my to-do list was a mile and a half long.

But fortunately (I hope!) one of the things I am working on is completing the new Advent Seasons of Joy book! It’s a four-week journey through Advent, with stories, songs, traditions, rhythms and routines, crafts and handwork, nature tables, recipes, and more. It doesn’t include the Advent saints, but does have plenty to keep you and your family focused on traveling the spiral Advent path. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer, it will be finished next week. I hope to have a bit of a sampler up early next week as well.

Nicholas, Workbox System

Workbox Wednesday: Nicholas

Once again, it’s Workbox Wednesday, and we’re back to Nicholas!

Because Nicholas is my first one-on-one “date” I’ve the school day, I’ve been experimenting with making his first 4 boxes things he needs a little supervision with. We started out with a large map of a Pilgrim village from Let’s Find Out. Nicholas enjoyed tracing a path from one spot to another. He even insisted we hang the map up so he could look at it again later!

Next was Speechersize. I had tried making this an independent activity, but he’s been struggling with it lately, so today we did it together. Here is Nicholas, making “Silly Faces”.

We worked some more on our Harvest Counting Book.