Yesterday was supposed to be our “new commitment” to Waldorf-inspired living and routines, but it just didn’t happen. We all have been ill, starting with Michael on Christmas Eve. The penultimate moment of patheticness was Michael moaning “Why can’t we just have a nice Christmas like everyone else” on the way to the doctor with double pink eye. Yesterday was my turn at the doctor’s, and I found out I had both a sinus infection AND a double ear infection. Needless to say, I spent most of my day asleep in bed and left DH in charge, which meant a good deal of television. Sigh.

We used to have family meetings, and the kids missed it a lot. Tonight we had the first family meeting in a long time.

New Business included:
* This week’s schedule
* Can the children have a glass of wine? (Answer: No)
* Changes to the morning routine
* Can we plant more flowers this spring? (Discussion tabled)
* Michael wants to help pack his school lunches
* Michael is worried because the occupational therapist “gets angry” when he isn’t at school by 8:30 for OT on Thursdays. (Note, school doesn’t actually start til 8:45. DH is going in early with Michael on Thursday to find out what the heck is going on. Or maybe I will. Bwahahaha!
* Chores and allowance
* Computer usage negotiation
* Can we go ice skating? (Answer: Sadly, no. There is no ice skating rink near us)
* Library routine

I’m assuming the first post here should be the obligatory introductory post.

My name is Annette. I’m 34, and have 3 children: Michael, who is almost 8, Katie Grace, who is five-and-a-half, and Nicholas, who is three. We are expecting a new baby around Easter, and are planning a homebirth.

I grew up in Lancaster, PA and went to Grove City College, where I met my husband. We were both music education majors in college. I went on to do graduate work in early childhood education, and he went on to get his M. Div. He is a pastor, and we’re still in Pennsylvania. I am a stay-at-home mom and also write Waldorf-inspired early childhood “curriculum” (for lack of a better word) called “Seasons of Joy”.