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Apples, Oranges, and Cezanne

As part of our afterschooling with apples, we’ve been looking at the still life paintings of Paul Cezanne. Specifically, we looked at his Still Life with Apples and Still Life with Bottle and Apple Basket.


We have a little art appreciation area set up, although we may have to change it if we end up getting a hamster.

Molly Cezanne

In our stack of art books, there were a few that we pulled out. Specifically, Cezanne from A to Z and Paul Cezanne from the Getting to Know the World’s Great Artists series. The best resource we found was the Cezanne Art Activity Pack. I have a bad habit of buying consumable resources and then not using them because they’ll be gone, but the twins really enjoyed the book and the accompanying activities. They thought it was funny that he preferred apples to human models because apples could sit still longer. They really seemed to grasp his ideas about perspective, but their favorite part was when we got out the geometric solids as well as the poster that came with the book and some oil pastels.

Cezanne collage

Soon enough, they abandoned ship to build with the geometric solids.

Wooden geometric solids castle

Which (of course) turned into a game of castle bowling.

Castle Bowling

It was a great evening– the twins loved the project and the rabbit trails it led to, and I really enjoyed the art appreciation activity, which was something that was very important to me both when I homeschooled and when I was teaching in an early childhood classroom. Thanks for the apples, Cezanne!