Autumn Creatures

I just realized I forgot to write about this week’s theme– it’s autumn creatures! Although it seems a bit silly to be writing about autumn when it’s been 80 degrees this week. Humph.

Just a tiny little taste of the week- I’ll post later about our book basket and our art appreciation (both the one we were supposed to do and the one we ended up doing instead.) It’s a busy week here. Two children are in the thick of rehearsal, one is in tech week, one is starting rehearsal for a new project, one had an eye doctor’s appointment and new glasses and three have doctor’s appointments tomorrow.

We have lots of autumn creatures on our nature table!

Autumn nature table

And while we don’t have time to do everything, we have been starting our day with the circle time verse from Seasons of Joy:
Scamper like a squirrel!
March like a gnome!
Fly like a bird as he soars to his home!
Stand straight and tall,
Rooted like a tree.
Stretch to the sun!
Now shake hands with me.
Good morning!
Good morning!

Speaking of Autumn Seasons of Joy, you can purchase it here.  For only $15, you get:
5 circle times, including music for songs (one of my dreams is to eventually have MP3s available… a mom can dream!). The circle themes are A Trip to the Apple Orchard, Gnomes (a perennial favorite around here!), Falling Leaves, Harvest Time, and Autumn Creatures. I’ve also included my very own gathering verse, candle lighting verse, and end-of-circle verse.

5 fairy tales with songs, crafts, and other extensions. These are Mother Earth’s Blanket (my own creation), The Magic Porridge Pot (the Brothers Grimm), The Enormous Turnip (a folktale), Stone Soup (another folk tale), and Rumpelstiltskin (the Brothers Grimm).

10 additional fingerplays and verses to be worked in as you see fit.

10 painting stories, including a painting verse and directions on how to do wet-on-wet watercolor painting. There’s a story/verse for each of the primary and each of the secondary colors as well as some additional painting ideas.

10 ideas for handwork that you and your child can do together, including a handwork verse.

10 modeling ideas and a verse. These are mainly intended to be used with modeling beeswax, but could be used with other modeling mediums as well. I have tried to adhere to the Waldorf principles of warmth and of starting with the whole.

10 ideas for coloring with appropriate stories and verses. Some of the ideas explore the colors and others are centred around seasonal stories.

10 playtime ideas to explore together. These are mainly centered around autumn themes.

10 ideas for your nature table. Nature table photos are also included in the photo attachment.

10 recipes to cook and bake together. These are especially appropriate to the autumn season. There is also a special section on baking bread together, including a verse and a song.

A section with 10 recipes, songs, activities, etc especially for babies.

10 field trips or outings to share with friends and playgroups.

A parent handwork idea for making walking blocks.

Additional songs, rhymes, blessings, and verses to work into your rhythms and routines.