Last week’s internet outage means I’m playing catch up with posting the rest of last week’s apple posts today.

Apple Slicing

Apple week has been the perfect opportunity to keep apples out for a healthy snack– I meant for us to make crock pot applesauce as well, but sadly, that will have to be non-thematic and wait for another week– and also introduce the children to using the apple slicer. Daniel is in a public magnet Montessori school this year, and I am hoping that eventually the twins will be as well. I’ve always had a deep admiration for Maria Montessori and her work, and will be introducing the twins to some of her lessons when appropriate. This one was easy as pie.

Montessori apple sliving1. Polish the apple.
2. Slice the apple.
3. Plate the apple and share your snack with your sister.

I could have been more formal and added things like an apron, but we kept it pretty simple. The twins practiced grace and courtesy skills as well; Molly by bringing and offering a plate and Matthew by asking Molly if she would like some apple.