What a Year!


Oh my goodness. I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve blogged. I’ve missed it a lot, though, and plan on getting back into the habit. I’m thinking a lot about what I’d like to write– a lot has changed over the past year or so– but I’d love to hear from you all as well.

Additionally, I’m probably going to be going back through some posts and removing anything that might be super embarrassing to my now teenage children. My oldest, Michael, actually told me that the inevitable happened, and his friends discovered the blog. Luckily, Michael has an amazing sense of humor and engaged in a little self-deprecating humor. “After our lovely breakfast of homegrown oats that had been soaked in unicorn tears overnight, we washed and polished out hand-carved spoons with soap we made ourselves, polishing them with beeswax and cloth we weaved while humming pentatonic chants. We followed this by sitting in a circle and sharing our favorite Bible verses, after which each child snuggled up under a woolen blanket and did today’s form drawing…”

It’s going to be a fair bit of work, and I’m hoping to balance updating the blog and going through old posts with adding new content. I’m also hoping to add Twitter to my repertoire. I feel too old for Twitter, but I’m sure I can manage it. Be sure to join the Facebook page as well!

Meanwhile, here’s an updated picture of my crew– 16, 14, 12, 8, and 5-year-old Twinkies– and one of me as well.



12670109_10153368114177742_534867881781543996_nWelcome back to all of us.


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