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Nervously testing my wings…

I haven’t posted because I’m very nervous about trying out WordPress. I am not very good at technology. I’m not a stupid person, but when faced with html code and instructions about going into files and changing things, my first reaction is confusion. Luckily that quickly abates and then the panic sets in. By the end of the week I hope to have things settled here and be back to posting again.

Thanks for your patience!

Blog stuff

The spammers are coming! The spammers are coming!

I’m not sure why– I choose to take it as a sign that I have arrived, LOL!– but my blog comments have been inundated with spam lately. Before I completely go to moderated comments, I’ve decided to try word verification to see if that helps. I’m sorry if this bothers anyone. It bothers me too, although not as much as having to delete 10 comments a day due to porn and spam.