I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Circle Time (such as though found in Seasons of Joy) vs Meeting Times, also called Morning Meeting. The two are often used interchangeably, although in my experience, have very different goals.

Daniel loves Circle Time and still participates in our daily circle with the twins. My fault, I guess, for starting with his beloved gnomies. But I wanted something a little more formal that says “Hey! We’re about to do some serious work here! Put down the Legos and come to the table!” This is what we decided to go with.

Upon the earth I stand upright.
I reach my arms up to the light.
My feel earthbound remain,
Hands and feet together again.
The sky above, the earth below,
And here in the center am I!
(Oak Meadow First Grade)


We’re having so much fun with Spring Seasons of Joy this year! One of the things I really do love about my e-guides is seeing the gleam of recognition in my children’s eyes as we bring back songs we sang at the same time last year. There’s something so comforting and familiar in singing certain songs at the same time each year. We may add some new things as well, but the foundation of the circle is the same

Right now we’ve been enjoying the flower fairy circle. I’ve even caught my younger ones searching yard for hidden fairies!

For our first circle of Daniel’s kindergarten year we’ll be saying goodbye to summer and revisiting our year-long theme story, Through the Magic Door, which you can read here (scroll down).

We usually start our circle time with a song, alerting anyone who wants to join in to come into the living room.

Everybody come join hands.
Dance and sing and sing some more.
Everybody come join hands,
Through the magic door.

Everybody come join hands.
Come and join us in the ring.
Everybody come join hands,
Dancing as we sing.

I’ve been seeing lots of posts on various message boards, email loops, and blogs about circle time and I figured what the heck, I would give my unsolicited opinion as well.

First, I’ll engage in the ultimate form of hubris, self quotation. From Seasons of Joy:

I confess, this is my absolutely most favorite circle time that we do all year. And the children love it as well! We always bring this gem out around this time. In early Autumn we like to celebrate the practicalities of the seasons– the changing leaves, picking apples and pumpkins, the blacksmith helping the horses. And in late November we like to celebrate the harvest and the work of the farmer with thanksgiving and gratitude. But in between, in that sliver of time after Halloween when we’re still ripe for the possibilities of imagination, we like to celebrate our little pointed-capped friends underground, the gnomes.