We have been having so much fun in our circle time these past two weeks. We’ve been going apple picking. First we ride our ponies to the apple orchard, then we find the apples and pick them and put them in our baskets. After riding back home, we tell the story of how to find a cozy little room that houses five seed babies inside the apple. Then we wash our apples and make apple cake! What a wonderful thing to experience in our imaginations, day after day after day.

Here’s a little “mini treasury” with just a few of the lovely candles available on Etsy. These would be a beautiful addition to your autumn circle!

‘Autumn Circle Time Candles’ by annettemarie

Pure Beeswax Pumpkin Fall Ha…


Waldorf Nature Inspired Wood…


Leaf Candle Bowl and Pumpkin


Beeswax Set of 2 Leaf Covere…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

In a slight departure from our Little League week, I wanted to share some ideas for those of you with itty bitties as well as preschoolers. Sometimes it seems difficult to have circle time with little babies crawling about. And yet I feel that circle time is one of the most important, sweetest times of the day. Here are some ideas to add your littlest family members to your circle.

We’re still doing our summer sunshine circle found here, but have changed things up a little.

We took out Over in the Meadow and substituted Casey at the Bat. And we added lots of fun baseball songs as well. Besides Take Me Out to the Ballgame (natch) here are some other songs and rhymes we’ve added:

A Baseball
(sung to a Tisket, a Tasket)
Words by Joe Stover

A baseball, a baseball, a brand new shiny baseball,
I hit it with my wooden bat
And saw it hit the left wall.

In August, Daniel will be starting our “Nursery Rhyme Nursery School” year. I believe that nursery rhymes are a very important part of every small child’s development, as well as essential for cultural literacy. This circle will change during the month, but here is how we’re beginning.

I begin with a “Gathering Song”. I wrote it myself and sing the first stanza until everyone is there (everyone being Daniel, the babies, and I and sometimes Nicholas) and then sing the second verse while we light the candle. I am still using a homemade beeswax candle we made at the beginning of the summer.

In my garden there is a seed,
I am the one who put it there.
Who will help it now to grow?
Earth and sun and rain and air.

In my garden there is a flower,
From a seed it came to birth.
Who helped it to grow so tall?
Air and rain and sun and earth.