Crafty Stuff


OK, I am pretty sure we’ve established that I am not crafty. So it makes my love affair with Pinterest somewhat heartbreaking– so many ideas, so little talent.

But when I saw this Days of the Week board, I thought it was something I could handle.

via Pinterest from Next to Heaven

And I did!

OK, the picture is awful, but I’m pretty proud. I used the Waldorf colors of the day to signal each day and added clip art that supported what our daily focus is. Now I just need to hang it up…

Many Waldorf resources suggest that moving pictures are beneficial to
small children. The Children’s Year suggests watercoloring a water
scene and then adding the figures of ducks and fish, either attaching
with a paper fastener or using a tongue depressor as a “tab.” You
could also draw or paint an elephant, and make the trunk the movable
part of the picture. The possibilities are really endless- little
bunnies with flopping ears, a sky with flying birds, a garden scene
with a flying bee.

A wonderful gift would be a card with moving figures. Maybe today you
could make a few to tuck away until needed!

These make the perfect gift when you need something little for a young
friend. Be sure to make one for your child, too, though- everyone needs
a little magic in their lives. (You might even want to make one for

You will need…
a thin dowel rod, about a foot long
some wool felt and matching thread
ribbon in coordinating colors

“Thumb in the thumb place,
Fingers all together.
This is tthe song we
Sing in mitten weather!”

Today we did a just-for-fun winter craft.
We cut two kid-sized mitten shapes from construction paper and connected
them with yarn.
Then, the little ones had access to a whole range of collage materials
and had fun decorating their mittens.


From the Everyday Waldorf archives!

First, some background information : )
In my previous life (before I had children!) I was a teacher in a
preschool with a strong multicultural emphasis. There were no snowmen-
just snowpals (after all, how would one tell if it was a girl or a boy?!)
So… the other day the children were sifting through our box of usable
recyclables and found some yogurt cups. The following craft sprung from
We painted the outsides of the cups with glue, and then covered them
with wool fleece (white). Buttons were added for eyes, an orange felt
carrot for a nose, and a smiling piece of yarn for a mouth. We tied a
bow around the “neck” and made a top hat from black construction paper.
Voila- snowpals!

I’ve been feeling the need to do something crafty, but with newborn twins and all, it’s difficult to find projects that are easily picked up and put back down. I’m a knitting drop-out but I remembered I wanted to try my hand at crochet. I found some You Tube videos and am ready to start some beginner projects.

Wish me luck! What are you making this week?