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A Day in the Life: Tuesday

Another day in the life! Here are some of our adventures today.

1- Despite a forecast for 2 to 4 inches of snow, it was actually rather lovely today. My brave Sir Daniel took advantage of the weather to go on a quest.

2- Daniel has been using Speechtails, an online speech program. He’s enjoying it and I really feel like it’s worth the $25 a month. The short video is only a small part of the program. He’s been working on the /f/ sound and has already shown improvement.

A TUESday in the Life: Around the table

If I had to choose a heart of our home, it would definitely be our dining room table. It’s not a great table—$90 from the Ikea as-is room because the veneer was bubbling and actually now has stripped away in places—but it’s much better than the one we had. For one thing, there are no paint stains. And even better, it fits all of us! We even have space for a little bit of company.

Instead of my usual play by play, I thought I would show the progression of our table for the day.

A Month of Mondays: A Day in the Life

Mondays are exhausting.

Gray Mondays are especially exhausting.

Today started with an unknown twin shoving an unknown number of disks into the Wii. I tried for a bit to get them out before I gave it up as a bad job. I don’t like the Wii anyway, but I do feel badly for Nicholas, who saved his money to buy Lego Lord of the Rings. Ah well. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

A Month of Mondays: Our family closet

Our new dryer is installed! Yay!!!!

I thought today I would take you for a little walk through our family closet. If you watch the Duggars or frequent large family message boards, you know that a family closet is where, instead of storing clothing in individual bedrooms, you store them all in a central location. We found that the children were not doing a good job of caring for their clothing in their bedrooms, especially the smaller ones. So when we moved to our new house and discovered that the laundry room was rather large, we made the decision to keep clothes there instead of individual bedrooms. We send up enough clothes for the week, which the kids store in hanging cubbies in their closets. We don’t even have dressers in the bedrooms, which really frees up space!

A Day in the Life: Monday, Monday

I had planned on starting off my “Month of Mondays” with all kinds of laundry goodness, but our dryer died on Thursday, so I’m a bit off my game in that department. The good news is we’re getting a new dryer tomorrow. Yay!!! Do you know how unpleasant life is with 6 children, including twins in cloth diapers, and no dryer? Answer: VERY unpleasant.

So… instead I thought I would do a day in the life post like the ones I used to do. Except I forgot to take a lot of pictures. In a way, this is a good thing because it meant I was in the moment instead of snapping photos. But it makes for a very texty blog post.

Kitchen Day!

Today I spent my entire day in the kitchen. I am so tired!

First off, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that this isn’t really working for me. On Wednesdays Katie Grace leaves for dance around 11:45 and then goes to a co-op class and hangs out there until around 4. Trying to bake all the things with babies running around and being down one big girl helper is not a good combination. But Wednesday is kitchen day, and I have a very difficult time changing my routine. I may have to suck it up and deal though.

Love is…

True story: I was working on writing this last night (Valentine’s Day) and Ms. Molly just would not go to sleep! My husband happened to be passing through the room just as I said, rather exasperatedly, “Please, Molly, stop climbing on Mama. I’m trying to type.” He looked at us and said “Yeah, Mama is too busy writing about how much she loves you to love you right now.” Um… ouch. So of course I turned off the computer and snuggled my sweet little girl. And now here I am tonight with a little boy on my left and a bigger boy on my right, completing yesterday’s Valentine post. I hope your day was full of love!

A Day in the Life

Happy Thursday! Here is a peek inside our day.

Daddy had to leave early– 7:30, that’s early for us!– for a doctor’s appointment, so the early morning routine was a bit crazier than normal. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Michael walks up to the middle school for chamber orchestra from 7:30 to 8:00, so I was missing one of my big kid helpers.

I usually get my shower the night before so that’s out of the way in the morning. I got the babies dressed up in the bedroom and by the time I was finished, Katie Grace was dressed and helped me take them downstairs.

A Day in the Life

Oh my goodness.

Don’t. Ask.

For real. The day started with a missed car inspection and the realization that all my heart meds run out without refills tomorrow.

It ended with cereal for dinner.

I am going to bed and praying that tomorrow is a better day.

Tapestry of Grace, Week One: The Curtain Rises on Egypt

Despite my anxiety about making a curriculum change, I cannot begin to tell how much better last week was after I set my resolve on trying something new. We have not had a week this wonderful, this peaceful, this full of learning in a long long time.

To be fair, I think curriculum is probably a bit like a diet. Once you weed out the completely wacky stuff, I don’t know that on necessarily works “better” than another. I think success is mostly a matter of good fit, accountability, and following the plan. At this stage in our lives, this seems to be a good fit for us. It helps that it comes with a model schedule designed to work with multiple children at multiple levels. I didn’t have to figure out how to fit everything in because it was already done for me!

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