OK, it was yesterday.

Also, I am very meh about the whole “let’s celebrate pirates” thing because they are thieves with often questionable personal hygiene habits.

Still, if all pirates were as cute as this, I might have to reconsider my position.

Argh! I’ve got the map!

Permission to climb aboard the mama!

Oooh! Treasure!

I’ve found more booty!

There is no treasure like a book…

You know,I had big plans for your birthday, Daniel– a cake, a birthday crown, a treat to share with your preschool friends.

I mean, I knew things were going to be kind of crazy– we had to be out the door by 8 AM for co-op, wouldn’t get back home until around 3, and then had to leave again by 5, but still, I thought I would have time to make a cake and the cheeseburgers you wanted for dinner.

Daniel is just a little toddler guy, but little toddler guys need to keep busy too! He also wants to be just like his big brothers and sister, and so for him we created Wonder Baskets!

Three baskets a day, and he can explore or not as the spirit moves him.


Danny Boy and a kidsling
A Peek-a-Boo Box with things to discover

A dustpan and brush for cleaning up messes


Farm animals, a farmer, and a tractor

A piece of paper and a bag of crayon rocks. The picture was drawn by big brother.