Decluttering and Simplicity


We took Easter Sunday and Monday off, but we’re playing catch up! Saturday was the dining room/school room/craft room/play room. No pictures yet because the table is still being used as the place to dump everything that needs dealt with. On Saturday, we tossed 24 items, found 23 things to give away and found 5 to sell.

Yesterday, I tackled our bedroom. Chip said this morning “It’s so nice to be able to walk in here without stepping on anything!” I’m not sure whether to be insulted or complemented. I think I choose to take it as a complement. Yesterday we found 67 items to toss, 123 to give away, and 35 to sell. Anyone want a complete set of Twilight books?

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful of believe to be beautiful. (William Morris)

In the midst of our Great Decluttering, I wanted to include some things we didn’t get rid of. These are some things I love.

1. An icon of Mary and the Child Jesus

2. A wooden checker/chess board my in-laws got us for Christmas

3. A 1986 Longeberger cookie basket that belonged to my stepmother who died in 1989

4. A silly little wooden vookend

5. A storyteller statue


This one is for real day 5. The last decluttering post says day 5 but it’s actually day 4 and for some reason WordPress will not listen to me and let me change the title. WordPress and I still do not have what I would call an amicable relationship. Sigh.

On Real Day 5 we tackled the rest of the hall closet and finally got rid of the VHS tapes. Then we got started on the bathroom. We had 47 things to toss, 40 to donate, and 0 to sell. Our total items decluttered is now 526.

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First, our updated totals (drumroll, please!)

Today we
trashed 49 items
donated or gave away 174 items (I finally let go of the cassette tapes)
will sell 2 items

That makes the total for the day 225 items, and the total for the challenge 428. That means we’re all out of the running except for Daddy and Nicholas.

The kitchen is finished! All the cabinets have been cleaned out and organized. I’ll post a few pictures of our kitchen, but want to preface it by saying how much I hate it. The faux brick linoleum is awful and we tried to paint, but the color was all wrong, and ended up never adding the trim. Sigh. Maybe this summer.


First things first, here’s the above the stove cabinet we’ve turned into the birthday cabinet. Ignore the horrible wall. We removed the old paint but never painted over, probably because the cabinet was so unaccessible.

On Day 3 we had our second day of kitchen cleaning. I tackled the area we call “the gnome’s nook”. It’s our breakfast nook, but there are really too many of us to eat comfortably in there, so instead it houses the buffet/hutch, art shelf, and microwave and stand. You can fit a lot of junk in a breakfast nook.


Sigh. WordPress ate my post.

We started the first day of our two week spring break/spring clean. I’m also planning on helping Daniel learn to use the potty over these next two weeks. I’m just a crazy multitasker.

We’re challenging ourselves to see how much we can throw out, donate, or sell over the next two weeks. The guestimates are as follows:

Daddy: 1600

Mom: 250

Michael: 175

Katie Grace: 200

Nicholas: 550

The totals so far? 23 items thrown out (I counted one area, like the computer desk, as one item), 59 items to give away, and 6 items to sell.