Feasts and Festivals

Maundy Thursday: The basin and the towel

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In an upstairs room, a parable
Is just about to come alive.
And while they bicker about who’s best,
With a painful glance, He’ll silently rise.
Their Savior Servant must show them how
Through the will of the water
And the tenderness of the towel.

In any ordinary place,
On any ordinary day,
The parable can live again
When one will kneel and one will yield.
Our Savior Servant must show us how
Through the will of the water
And the tenderness of the towel.

I love St. Patrick’s Day. He’s such a great, positive saint. Just what we need at the tail end of winter!  Here are just a couple little Saint Patrick’s Day ideas from seasons past.

 A few random ideas, including a peek at our St. Patrick’s Day nature table

A St. Patrick’s Day circle time

And a beautiful prayer by St. Patrick himself

And then of course there’s my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board, full of things to make and do!

I’d love to hear your St. Patrick’s Day traditions as well!

You know, these celebrations at the beginning of the month always sneak up on me. I’m bopping through the day, feeling like a boss, proud that I got through another month and BAM! There’s a holiday staring me in the face because I didn’t realize that the beginning of the month would immediately follow the end of the month.


Here are some of our past St. Brigid Day celebrations.

May God Keep You Safe Under Brigid’s Cloak

Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

Celtic Saints

And here’s my St. Brigid Pinterest board.

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Once, there was a child who lived with the angels and longed to go to earth…

So begins one of the most well-loved of Waldorf traditions, the Rainbow Bridge story.

My babies just turned two and are hardly in a position to appreciate a fairy tale written just for them. All they know of birthdays is that we sing songs and they get cake.

They especially like the cake.

But as I meditated on their birthday and how they came to be, the Rainbow Bridge story didn’t ring true, at least not as written.