Feasts and Festivals


Oh my goodness. It’s Monday. And not even the beginning of Monday, but almost Tuesday. For some reason I thought it was Sunday. Or possibly even Saturday.

This happens to me all the time. My husband shows up at 5:15, reasonably expecting dinner to be almost ready (or at least started) and I’m bopping around the house thinking it’s 1:oo, 2 at the latest. I don’t know why I can’t hold time.


Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s been about a billion years since I’ve written one of these posts!

Well, not quite. But it has been a long time! I finally feel like we’re getting settled in our new home. It’s only been three months! One of the upsides to being in a big city is that there’s always something to do. One of the downsides? There’s always something to do besides that thing you should be doing. I am learning to pace myself and say “no thank you!”

So, what do we have going on this week?


Oh my goodness, how on earth did it get to be February already!!?!?!

Well, OK, it isn’t February yet. But it’s almost February, and we’re starting our February planning.

I have plenty of planning to do, too. Main lessons are as follows:
Seventh Grade- Renaissance, with a focus on individuals who made a difference and reading biographies.
Fifth Grade- American geography, which we’ll learn while getting to know some great American heroes
Second Grade- Celtic saints

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We’re several weeks into our switch to whole foods and we’re doing OK. Today I had a crazy need for chocolate so I used the last of my giftcard the hubby got me for the local natural foods store to pick up some yummy organic peanut butter cups. This way of cooking takes a lot more time and energy and intentionality. We’re getting there…

We’re taking a 100 Days of Real Food mini-pledge this week and having at least two different fruits and/or veggies at every meal. You might not see this reflected in the meal plan, but we plan on just throwing in what we can when we can.

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My lack of blogging speaks to two ongoing issues in my life right now.

First, no camera. It hasn’t been the same since Michael accidentally spilled his drink on it at the Little League World Series. It hung in there for a bit, but finally gave up the ghost right after Christmas. I had my eye on a really nice replacement until my hubby decided to renew his on-again off-again relationship with Dave Ramsey and pay off our two remaining credit card bills and the remainder of my student loan instead. So instead I have a cute littleĀ  purple point-and-click Nikon on its way instead. Ah well- easy come, easy go.

Oh, how I’ve missed this little space! But stepping away from it for a while really freed me up to celebrate gentle Advent and Christmas with my family. We had Lucia buns in bed, sorted baby clothes to give to a family expecting a new little one on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and lit the candles one by one. We made a little Jesse tree and sang carols and told stories. We baked and made gifts and opened gifts and thanked and laughed and loved. It really was a beautiful Christmas.