Field Trip


Oh, here…
Music Fair

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Corning Museum of Glass

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and everywhere!
Crosscutters Game, Harry Potter Midnight Show, Lancaster Science FactoryPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
But after (another!) adventure this weekend, we should be back in full gear next week, when we plan on starting school! I’ll be back on Wednesday, hopefully, with info on our curriculum for the year, my insights on the last Harry Potter movie, cute twin pictures, and news about my latest book.

Catch you then!

A week or so ago, we discovered that the Duggars would be coming to a city about two hours away. When we finished school in April, the kids made “treasure maps” of things they would like to do or experiences they would like to have over the next year. One item on Katie Grace’s list was “meet the Duggars”.  And even before that, when the babies were first born and I was recovering, we would sit together on the bed and watch “19 Kids and Counting”. It was so nice to watch a reality show where people were actually being kind to one another! So of course, I decided that I needed to make this happen if at all possible. I secured a sitter for the boys, packed up Katie Grace and the twins, and off we went.

We had the opportunity to visit New York City with a German exchange student our church was hosting. I’ve never really done the “touristy stuff” in NYC, so it was a unique experience for me! We also usually park in Hoboken and take the PATH over, but took the Staten Island Ferry for this trip. Here are the kids waiting patiently for the ferry:
And Nicholas pretending to be a race car driver:

At last, the ferry arrives!

And away we go!

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the harbor was amazing:
One of Katie Grace’s co-op classes was a National Parks class, and she had to do a presentation. We were very excited to discover that the Statue of Liberty Island and Ellis Island are national parks!
As impressive as the statue was from the boat, it was even more amazing up close:

And we even got to eat lunch with Msr. Batholdhi, the designer!
Next we headed over to Ellis Island. Unfortunately at this point, Katie Grace was pretty sick with a nasty cough.
Also unfortunately, this is where our camera ran out of juice:

After Ellis Island, we took the subway to Time Square and checked it out. From there, we walked to Rockerfeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We also made a stop at American Girl Place. We took the subway to Chinatown for a most excellent dinner at the Excellent Dumpling, and then headed home.

One rainy March day, we went to Camp Susque for a soapmaking workshop. The original plan was to make soap outside over an open fire, but since it was rainy and cold, we had to settle for melt-and-pour over the woodstove in the Lodge.
We’re always happy to run into old friends! For all the complaining people do about homeschoolers not being socialized, we certainly run into other unsocialized homeschoolers we know often. Here is Katie Grace and her buddy choosing their molds:
and pouring their soap:

And Michael, too!

Nicholas adding color to his soap:
And Daniel, just being cute:
The final activity of the day was to decorate sticks and rocks. I’m honestly not sure what it was all about. I think it was kind of a filler since they couldn’t go outside. Regardless, here they are with their creations: