Field Trip

All over our town are huge billboards advertising the Corning Museum of Glass. Kids Under 17 Free! Shows Daily! Just a Short Trip Down Route 15! I finally checked out their website and saw they had these family day programs and noticed that today they would be doing Rome. Well, what a coincidence! We’re studying Rome! So we packed out water bottles and snacks and off we went.

OK, in their defense I was making them stare right into the sun. But good grief, can’t I ever get a picture where all four of them are looking at me at the same time?!?!

It’s not every week we can count Sunday as a school day. Today was WVIA Member Day at Reptiland, and we had six free passes. We enjoyed the Rainforest Show, and saw more poop than I really like to see, and had a lovely time.

Assorted snakes, lizards, and other things I wouldn’t want to meet without a barrier between us:

Katie and Nicholas and Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat.

Giant snake, some kind of constrictor. I was too busy moving the baby away from it to pay attention.

, ,

We decided to chuck the schedule and run to the creamery. We are really blessed by being able to get raw, whole milk from a local Amish farm.

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And now, math chat. (Cross-posted on MDC)
So, we’re about a month into it and I’m just not digging Miquon Math. I feel like she’s not learning anything, and she doesn’t seem particularly “Rah! Rah!” about it either. Not that she needs to be, but it would be nice if one of us sort of liked it.