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Free Shipping at Catholic Company!

Free shipping through Sunday– just use the promotional code “FREE” at checkout.
They have some great sales going on right now, too.

Something for Nothing

Now Entering Mommyhood is giving away a baby blanket from Saari Designs. Check it out here! If you’re in need of a little pampering yourself, she also has a tea giveaway going on.

Over at Oh How Lovely there is an awesome giveaway for Kerry Beary’s fabulous retro prints. I especially like the alphabet prints in her etsy shop.

Have a pet in your life? Something Snappy is giving away the “purrfect” present for your kitty.

Katydid and Kid is giving away a beautiful market basket. Go check out my fellow Pennsylvanian!

Something for Nothing

There’s a Mabel’s Labels giveaway over at Chic Shopper Chick! These are really cute and totally appeal to my obsessive compulsive self. You can also enter to win a funky Nankeen Tote.

Simple Things is having a Babywearing Bonanza, and you can enter to win a free Kozy Carrier. The designs are absolutely beautiful.

Check out the Sassy Apron giveaway over on Oh! How Lovely! Who wouldn’t want to wash dishes in one of those?

This On-Task Timer would be perfect for homeschooling, and they’re giving one away on Mommy’s Idea!

Something for Nothing

Win a Microlite Toro Stroller over at MomDot.

Seven Clown Circus is giving away a necklace from Twisted Silver.

Leila and Ben have a sweet little dress up for a giveaway. It really is sweet, too!

The Dear Dr. Moz Baby Blog has a baby shower gift package to give away.

Something for Nothing

Here are some great online giveaways you may want to sign up for!

This Full House is giving away a Lands End multitasking backpack here. All you have to do is leave a comment!

I’m No Supermom has a sweet My Little Roo “slipcover” carrier to giveaway.

Deal Alert! Staples Back-to-School Deals

I’m new to this whole deal thing. Seriously. I’m just barely dipping my toes in compared to some of the other mama bloggers out there–Deal Finding Mom, Frugal Village, Homeschooling and Frugal, Mommy Making Money, Money Saving Mom… I’m looking at you all!–but I did want to share some Staples deals.

These are good from today (Sunday, July 6) through Wednesday, July 9.

2-pocket paper folders
1 cent each (Limit 10)

Dixon #2 yellow pencils/ 8 pack
1 cent each (Limit 2)

Purell 0.5 oz bottle
1 cent each (Limit 2)

1/2″ and 1″ poly assorted binders
25 cents each (Limit 4)

Thrift Store Saturday

I really made out this weekend!

Dehydrator: $3
Yogurt Maker: $2.50
Beautiful Handmade Wooden Trivet: $1
Three books, 25 cents each
Six books on tape/Twin Sisters Tapes, 25 cents each
Mandolin for kitchen: $1
Doughnut pans (2): 75 cents each
Some misc. rainforest stuff for vacation church school, including a hat for DH, not shown
A bag of clothes for $1

And, my favorite: 10 little flower wreaths for 15 cents each that will be perfect for Katie Grace’s flower fairy party on Friday!

Save Some Money!

Scholastic is having their Spring Dollar Sale!

(And no, I don’t get a referral credit for this, LOL!)

Free money!

Did that get your attention?

I signed up for this new online money exchange, sort of along the lines of Paypal but NO FEES and not owned by Ebay. I researched it, and it is legit.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

When you join, you get $25. In the interest of full disclosure, I do get $10 for each referral.
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