This is a big week for me. On Friday, we’re driving to Hershey to meet with the PPCM specialist. I’ll be having an echocardiogram to see how my heart is doing. Please, please, please remember me in your thoughts and prayers, if not for my sake, then for the sake of my dear babies and children, that their mother may be fully healed. For what it’s worth, I am mostly feeling better, except for every once in a while when I have a bad day and feel really awful. I am specifically praying that my heart is back to normal size and my ejection fraction has recovered,

‘Fun with Math’ by annettemarie

Whether you are a homeschooler or just looking to supplement your child’s math education, here are some great items.

Math Can Be Beautiful — 300…






Toy Folding Ruler 12 Inch Ju…


Wooden Numbers


Needle Felted Counting Balls…


Fraction Puzzles


Learn Numbers- EDUCATIONAL-M…


Magical Mathematical Memory …


Learn your Numbers Counting …


4 felt Waldorf math gnome be…


MATH WHIZ Stacking Stones


From the archives

Here are some fun things to add next time you and your little ones are
playing with blocks:

Gnomes (we have both wooden ones and those neat little felted ones)
Small “building silks” or other pieces of cloth
Items from nature (fallen branches that look like little trees, rocks,
acorns, etc)
Wooden animals or woolen (we made a great zoo the other day!)
Wooden people (North Star Toys has a great family set that leaves a
lot to the imagination)
Wooden vehicles
Recyclables (they may not be wooden, but the little milk “chugs” make
great rocket ships!)
Your dollhouse, barn, or other small buildings
Doll furniture

Disclosure: This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing in return for an honest review.

This is the second book in the Ancient Practices series, and I had such high hopes. You see, I have several friends who practice the concept of a weekly Sabbath, and I’ve always been jealous. Two of my friends are Jewish and share lovely stories of homemade challah and delicious food and peaceful times with friends and family. One is a Messianic Gentile who celebrates her Sabbath by taking off work and spending fun times wit her family. And I have a few Christian friends who intentionally keep a Sabbath as well. But for some reason, I’ve never quite been able to pull it off. I’m sure a great deal of this has to do with the fact that my husband is a pastor and so Sunday is, in fact, a “work day” for him.

From the archives…

Do you have a clean-up song?

I’m not talking about the Barney “Clean up, clean up, everybody,
everywhere” song. That might work for you, but in our family we found
it to be a little bit manipulative (not to mention annoying when the
song was sung over and over and over again).

Rather, I am thinking of a song or a verse that will help you and your
child to gently transition from play mode to tidying mode. Shea Darian
has a sweet song, “A Place for Everything” in her book Seven Times
the Sun. I’m sure you could take that familiar saying (“A place for
everything and everything in its place”) and make up your own simple

Here are some great Dr. Seuss items I found on Etsy.

‘Seussical!’ by annettemarie

A collection to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Thing 1 Thing 2 Dr. Seuss F…


Today You Are You No. 2 Viny…


Red and white stripe knit la…


6FT Curved Shelf


Striped Felted Mittens


CUTE Red Dr Seuss Thing 1 OR…


Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish …


Go Green Eco Conscious T Shi…