Summer Seasons of Joy

Summer Seasons of Joy was my very first ebook! Because it was my first, it is the least flushed out. Every year I say I will revise it. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year! Meanwhile, you benefit, as this seasonal guidebook is only $10 instead of $15 like the others. You can read more about Summer Seasons of Joy here or at our blog store. Meanwhile, here’s a rhyme you and your little ones might enjoy!

And here’s a green leaf. (show other hand)

Here’s a bud. (cup hands together)

Another update


It seems I’m all about update and not about content lately. But I’m hoping that will be changing soon, as I miss writing. Obviously, this is no longer a homemaking/homeschooling/Waldorf blog, since the children are going to school, I’m working full-time at a Reggio-Emilia inspired early childhood center, and I’m getting a divorce. Some things you might see include

  • music and early childhood
  • music in general
  • early childhood in general
  • comparing and contrasting various schools of thought on child development and early childhood education
  • single motherhood
Happy Almost-Advent!

TODAY THROUGH MONDAY! Buy the Advent Seasons of Joy e-book and I’ll throw in Winter for free! If you already have Winter and would like another book instead, just let me know in the notes. Please feel free to spread the word!

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging this Advent.


Dear Mrs. Hall,

Yesterday, you wrote a blog post that I found appalling on all kinds of levels. I’m sure people can find it if they search hard enough. And despite the fact that I found your blog post insulting to teenage boys, teenage girls, parents in general and Christian parents in particular, I did want to say thank you, because your post led to an amazing half-hour long discussion with my own children.

Waldorf Wednesday #32


Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Doogie birthday
Birthday Boy!

Wait, what’s that you say? It’s Thursday? In the real world, perhaps, but in my world, where I wandered about yesterday thinking it was Tuesday and then panicked and tried to take my kid to a piano lesson that didn’t exist? Today is Wednesday.

Please tell me this happens to other people.

It’s all my fault, of course. Since I’ve suddenly decided to have a life, my dance card has become a lot fuller than it was before. Carmen rehearsals, voice lessons, trips to the gym—and this is all besides the normal activities of six homeschooling children. Throw in all the end-of-the-year performances and a mama who is too busy to take 10 minutes to get organized, and you have a week with two Tuesdays and no Wednesday.

Waldorf Wednesday #30

Matthew and I making cherry blossom prints

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

So, wow! 30 weeks of Waldorf Wednesday! I will say I’m starting to question the Waldorf part of Waldorf Wednesday. Not that I’m questioning the efficacy of Waldorf education—not at all! Rather, I’ve seen the term Waldorf used all too many times as a club to beat other mothers about the head – That’s not Waldorf! You’re doing it wrong!—rather than a goal or a standard that we’re all striving towards. At the risk of sounding heretical, my deepest wish in that we’d live in a post-Waldorf world. One that was beyond labels and instead trusted every mother is trying to give her child the gentlest, most loving, most magical childhood possible. And then, when we did see others making choices we might not agree with, to extend to them the same grace, mercy, and love we would extend our own children. But, as I tell my own little ones, if wishes were piggies, bacon would always be on sale…

I have seen man in his deepest form ,
I know the world down to its depth.
I know that love and love alone gives meaning to the world,
And that I am here to grow evermore in love.
My arms I spread as He has done,
Wanting, like Him, to embrace the whole world.
(Christian Morgenstern, “Wir fanden einer Pfad.”)

Waldorf Wednesday #27

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Happy (almost too late) Waldorf Wednesday and HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Although you would never know if from the snowflakes that have been dancing around here today. *grump*

I said on Facebook we’d be up “later today” and this is much later than we thought.

But you see, our day went like this:

Late wake up (because we didn’t get home from the theater until after 11 and everyone was still awake!)

Out for doughnuts (because… well, you don’t need a reason to go out for doughnuts, do you)

"I Never": Parenting version!

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Remember that college drinking game, I never?

Oh, stop lying. You know you played. You probably just don’t remember it clearly.

Someone would say “I never…” and then tack on a true statement about something outlandish they’ve done. And then everyone else who had done the same outlandish thing would have to take a giant gulp of whatever cheap beer was the only thing you could afford. As the night went on and the keg level lowered, the “I never” statements got progressively more ridiculous, and yet there was always someone else taking a drink right along with you.

I know I am not alone in feeling completely helpless about the events in Sandy Hook. The day it happened, my husband looked at me and said “You just want to jump in the car and drive to Connecticut and help someone, don’t you.”

I responded by bursting into tears.

Obviously, dropping everything and driving to Connecticut would not be a good solution, for us or for the good people there. But there is something you can do. And the best part about this? You can share the project with your children without talking about the shooting.