Seasons of Joy

Looking for a way to bring peace and joy to your day? Seasons of Joy is my 10-week seasonal guidebook to add rhythm and fun to your daily routine. Each guidebook has ten weeks' worth of circle times, stories, arts, crafts, and handwork, painting, playtime activities and more!
Seasons of Joy seeks to empower families to create peaceful rhythms and routines and joyful celebrations that follow the circle of the year. The blog also chronicles our adventures in living simply, loving exuberantly, and Waldorf inspired homeschooling.


Waldorf Wednesday #27


Happy (almost too late) Waldorf Wednesday and HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Although you would never know if from the snowflakes that have been dancing around here today. *grump*

I said on Facebook we’d be up “later today” and this is much later than we thought.

But you see, our day went like this:

Late wake up (because we didn’t get home from the theater until after 11 and everyone was still awake!)

Out for doughnuts (because… well, you don’t need a reason to go out for doughnuts, do you)

I Never… Parenting version!

Remember that college drinking game, I never?

Oh, stop lying. You know you played. You probably just don’t remember it clearly.

Someone would say “I never…” and then tack on a true statement about something outlandish they’ve done. And then everyone else who had done the same outlandish thing would have to take a giant gulp of whatever cheap beer was the only thing you could afford. As the night went on and the keg level lowered, the “I never” statements got progressively more ridiculous, and yet there was always someone else taking a drink right along with you.

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

I know I am not alone in feeling completely helpless about the events in Sandy Hook. The day it happened, my husband looked at me and said “You just want to jump in the car and drive to Connecticut and help someone, don’t you.”

I responded by bursting into tears.

Obviously, dropping everything and driving to Connecticut would not be a good solution, for us or for the good people there. But there is something you can do. And the best part about this? You can share the project with your children without talking about the shooting.

A few Thanksgiving ideas…

I have two Thanksgiving circles on the blog, here and here.

And I have a Pinterest board full of ideas here.

Don’t forget to check out Waldorf Wednesdays for ideas as well… and be sure to add your own!

Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein!

Everyone has a favorite Shel Silverstein poem! Mine was Helping, probably because it was on the Free to Be, You and Me record and, being a true child of the 70s, I listened to that album on my Shaun Cassidy record player all the time.

Agatha Fry, she made a pie
And Christopher John helped bake it.
Christopher John, he mowed the lawn
And Agatha Fry helped rake it.

Now, Zachary Zugg took out the rug
And Jennifer Joy helped shake it.
Then Jennifer Joy, she made a toy
And Zachary Zugg helped break it.

Individuals and Persons

I am against individuals and for persons.
~ Martin Buber

From the time we first feel our babies move within the womb, we have dreams about what that little bean will grow to become. Above all else, we want our child to discover his Self—that person he or she is meant to be, the one who is unique to all the world. Indeed, Abraham Maslov in his famous hierarchy of needs describes self-actualization as the highest goal.

The Biggest Loser: Give up a bad habit and gain the world

autumn time
Source: iStock Photo

There are lots of books, programs, and schemes out there promising big results.

Eat this, and you’ll lose the weight!

Drink this, and you’ll have more energy!

Buy this, and it will change your world!

But results are only as good as your resolve, and sometimes it’s hard to trade off something that feels really good, even if in the end it isn’t so very good for us.

Waldorf Wednesday #8

So, I had this nice block of time chunked out to plan this blog post—last night, during the debate, from 9 to 10. And I cracked open my laptop and promptly fell asleep.


We’ve been riding out that whole “season of change” thing I touched upon last week. I’ve been thinking a good bit about the song I posted last week as well.

And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced,
Teaching us to breathe.
What was frozen through is newly purposed
Turning all things green.
So it is with You
And how You make me new
With every season’s change
And so it will be
As You are re-creating me.
Summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Books Around Our Home(school)

We are unapologetically book people.

Some people don’t quite understand how you can be a book person and be a Waldorf person. Now granted, I’ve never claimed to be a Waldorf purist or a “Steiner Says”er, but I’ve thought the people who feel Waldorf education is anti-book rather miss the point. I find that, at the heart of this crazy Waldorf way of learning and living, is the story. And isn’t that the heart of every good book as well? We weave our day with stories— sung stories about little leaves waking, off-the-cuff stories about little boys washing the sleepy dust left by sandman, laughing stories told about naughty children who somehow overcome and find their better nature. There are so many stories to be told, books cannot even begin to hold them all.

Michaelmas Round-Up!

Time to wrap-up the Michaelmas posts!

I wrote a series of posts on “Taming the Dragons” as inner work leading up to Michaelmas.

I also have an awesome Michaelmas Pinterest board.

Lots of families shared their Michaelmas celebrations on Waldorf Wednesday as well.

Hope your Michaelmas was full of courage!