Spotlight on... Molly!

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Oh, Molly. What can I say about Molly? Often , half joking, I say that Molly is just like me if I had even fewer filters and no moral compass. But really, she’s  a lot like me. It’s ridiculous.

Mommy and Molly

As a baby, Molly was super serious. In fact, it became a bit of a Facebook joke. People were surprised when a picture of Molly smiling made an appearance!

Serious MollyShe’s a super happy girl now though. Molly loves her big sister and reading.

Molly and Katie

Her best friend is still her twin brother, Matthew.

Molly preschool

Spotlight on... Matthew

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It’s hard to know what to say say about Matthew. When people used to ask (as people do when you have more than two children) when you’re going to stop procreating, I used to say “Oh, you know, when God gives us an easy one.” And then God sent me Matty… and, for good measure and to keep me on my toes, threw in Molly as well. Ha, ha, ha… good one, God!

Matthew in a Tree


Ere frost-flower and snow-blossom faded and fell, 
       and the splendor of winter had passed out of sight,
The ways of the woodlands were fairer and stranger 
       than dreams that fulfill us in sleep with delight;
The breath of the mouths of the winds had hardened on tree-tops 
       and branches that glittered and swayed
Such wonders and glories of blossom like snow 
       or of frost that outlightens all flowers till it fade
That the sea was not lovelier than here was the land, 
       nor the night than the day, nor the day than the night,
Nor the winter sublimer with storm than the spring: 
       such mirth had the madness and might in thee made,
March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms
        that enkindle the season they smite.
-  Algernon C. Swinburne, March, An Ode

14 Things I Learned in 2014

1. When I put my mind to it, I can fly like a boss. It was my goal last year, to be, as Victor Hugo said, “…like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.” In 2014, I paused, rested, refreshed, sang, and then flew away to the next big adventure. I learned the value of flying and of resting. A billion years ago in college I had the realization that music was made up of both sound and silence, and that without both, you just have noise. Likewise, this year I learned that flying went hand in hand with resting and reflecting.

I write a lot for work, and that’s fine. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. But I really, really, really miss having this space. I keep waiting for the right moment… the right words… the right reason… and I realize it’s just never going to all be aligned just so. And so, I’m just going to start writing again. Not for an audience—although I hope someone will read—but for myself. See you soon!

Summer Seasons of Joy

Summer Seasons of Joy was my very first ebook! Because it was my first, it is the least flushed out. Every year I say I will revise it. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year! Meanwhile, you benefit, as this seasonal guidebook is only $10 instead of $15 like the others. You can read more about Summer Seasons of Joy here or at our blog store. Meanwhile, here’s a rhyme you and your little ones might enjoy!

And here’s a green leaf. (show other hand)

Here’s a bud. (cup hands together)

Another update


It seems I’m all about update and not about content lately. But I’m hoping that will be changing soon, as I miss writing. Obviously, this is no longer a homemaking/homeschooling/Waldorf blog, since the children are going to school, I’m working full-time at a Reggio-Emilia inspired early childhood center, and I’m getting a divorce. Some things you might see include

  • music and early childhood
  • music in general
  • early childhood in general
  • comparing and contrasting various schools of thought on child development and early childhood education
  • single motherhood
Happy Almost-Advent!

TODAY THROUGH MONDAY! Buy the Advent Seasons of Joy e-book and I’ll throw in Winter for free! If you already have Winter and would like another book instead, just let me know in the notes. Please feel free to spread the word!

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging this Advent.


Dear Mrs. Hall,

Yesterday, you wrote a blog post that I found appalling on all kinds of levels. I’m sure people can find it if they search hard enough. And despite the fact that I found your blog post insulting to teenage boys, teenage girls, parents in general and Christian parents in particular, I did want to say thank you, because your post led to an amazing half-hour long discussion with my own children.

Waldorf Wednesday #32


Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Doogie birthday
Birthday Boy!

Wait, what’s that you say? It’s Thursday? In the real world, perhaps, but in my world, where I wandered about yesterday thinking it was Tuesday and then panicked and tried to take my kid to a piano lesson that didn’t exist? Today is Wednesday.

Please tell me this happens to other people.

It’s all my fault, of course. Since I’ve suddenly decided to have a life, my dance card has become a lot fuller than it was before. Carmen rehearsals, voice lessons, trips to the gym—and this is all besides the normal activities of six homeschooling children. Throw in all the end-of-the-year performances and a mama who is too busy to take 10 minutes to get organized, and you have a week with two Tuesdays and no Wednesday.