I read about this over on down-to-earth: Choose three actions you can take in your life to reduce consumption, not harm the earth, etc.

I chose:

~ to make a more concentrated effort to use my cloth bags. Always. Even at thrift stores and other places where I might not think about it

~ to make a more concentrated effort to use our SIGG bottles and to refuse to buy individual water bottles

~ to do better at recycling, and to “reduce” as a first line of defense.

So, what three gifts will you give to help heal the earth?

We do something called “Milestone Ministries” at our church. At baptism, babies receive a faith chest, hand-carved by church members. When they’re two and start Sunday School, they get prayer pillows. When they start kindergarten, they get Beginners’ Bibles, and so on, all the way up til high school graduation, when they get hand-made fleece blankets. For the past four years, I’ve been leading a workshop for the parents and toddlers who get their prayer pillows, both at our church and another local church. I got asked to do it again this year. I really wanted to say no, but I’m a pushover, LOL!