Harry Potter


Twelve years ago I was in the bedroom of our little seminary apartment, folding diapers and listening to NPR, when a story came on featuring the Harry Potter books. My response was lukewarm, to say the least. To be more precise, I remember thinking anything the populus liked so much had to be crap. What can I say? I’m a notorious book snob.

It was 1999, back when the internet was brand new and all, and it was the first year that online shopping really took off. Ever the bargain shopper, I can still remember the great deals that Christmas season, including free shipping and several bonus gifts. Somehow, when the wrapping paper was all cleaned up, I found myself in possession of not one, but two copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


We’ve been here, there, and everywhere. OK, actually, we’ve been to:
1. Grove City, PA to have lunch with college friends
2. Wadsworth, OH where we stayed with college buddies for a few days. The boys visited the Football Hall of Fame and the girls (and Daniel) had a lovely tea
3. South Bend, IN, where we visited an awesome bookstore (only a homeschool mom’s husband truly appreciates a good bookstore!) and the campus of Notre Dame
4. On to Strawberry Point, IA for five days with good friends from Seminary. Daniel got to meet his godfather for the first time, and we got to visit many places, including a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, the Effigy Mounds National Park, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes, and the Dubuque Aquarium. The last day was my birthday, and it started with breakfast in bed, a bounty of homemade cards, and an “Angel of Learning” Willow Tree figure from my family. We had ice cream cake the day before.
5. Chicago, where we celebrated my birthday by visiting the Chicago Institute of Science and Industry
Ah, but it was not simply for the interactive exhibits that we came and bought a family membership. It was for the Harry Potter Exhibition.

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So, it’s not a big secret that we’re huge Harry Potter fans around here. We are, after all, the family that had Hogwarts Summer School not one, but two, summers in a row. On any given night, at least two (and usually more!) of my kids are listening to the audio books recorded by Jim Dale. We all dressed up to buy the last book.

What might be a secret is that I am a huge fan of (OK, and even have written some!) Harry Potter fan fiction.