Ever since I read about the three-day main lesson block over at Parenting Passageway, I’ve been hooked. It works especially well for us since we have co-op on Friday and Daddy’s day off is on Thursday. As Carrie writes, Waldorf is the only methodology that uses sleep as a teaching tool! So technically, our three-day main lesson block starts the night before, on Sunday, when I tell the story of the week at bedtime.


We’ve been enjoying our little trip down fairy tale lane. The hardest part has been keeping the mural from falling down!

Our mural with the letter D “Magic Door”

This year, I’ve decided not to teach the letters in alphabetical order. I had several reasons.

First, I wanted to start with his name letter, since that’s pretty important to him.

Daniel has some speech issues so I wanted to start with some easy sounds first and space out the letters/sounds he has difficulty with.

Happy First Day of School!

What’s that you say? You’re not celebrating the first day of school yet? Well, technically, I guess we aren’t either. I’ve been counting educational field trips and stealth learning since the beginning of July. But today was our official first day of school. You can tell because we had hot fudge sundaes.


This year I am homeschooling an eighth grader, a sixth grader, a third grader (who was under the delusion that he was in second grade) and a kindergartener. I will be doing this with two toddler twinkies running around and without the assistance of any mood-enhancing drugs. At least that is the plan.


Despite my anxiety about making a curriculum change, I cannot begin to tell how much better last week was after I set my resolve on trying something new. We have not had a week this wonderful, this peaceful, this full of learning in a long long time.

To be fair, I think curriculum is probably a bit like a diet. Once you weed out the completely wacky stuff, I don’t know that on necessarily works “better” than another. I think success is mostly a matter of good fit, accountability, and following the plan. At this stage in our lives, this seems to be a good fit for us. It helps that it comes with a model schedule designed to work with multiple children at multiple levels. I didn’t have to figure out how to fit everything in because it was already done for me!