With 6 children (including 2 in cloth diapers) and 2 adults, we have to do laundry pretty much every day. Even so, Monday is our “heavy” laundry day. Here is what the laundry rhythm looks like in our home.

MONDAY: Adult laundry, linens and towels, diapers
TUESDAY: Michael’s laundry—he does his own
WEDNESDAY: Katie’s laundry—she does her own. Because she and Molly share a room, a fair bit of Molly’s laundry gets mixed in as well. The rest of her laundry is in our room.
THURSDAY: I wash all three little boys’ clothes. Copious amounts of stain treatment are utilized.
FRIDAY: Adult laundry and diapers again. Adult laundry just means laundry that belongs to the adults. I just thought I would clarify.

Our new dryer is installed! Yay!!!!

I thought today I would take you for a little walk through our family closet. If you watch the Duggars or frequent large family message boards, you know that a family closet is where, instead of storing clothing in individual bedrooms, you store them all in a central location. We found that the children were not doing a good job of caring for their clothing in their bedrooms, especially the smaller ones. So when we moved to our new house and discovered that the laundry room was rather large, we made the decision to keep clothes there instead of individual bedrooms. We send up enough clothes for the week, which the kids store in hanging cubbies in their closets. We don’t even have dressers in the bedrooms, which really frees up space!

No, I didn’t forget my promise to share some of what makes our Mondays work. I just kind of… forgot. As I often say, if it’s not hanging on my skirt and calling me Mama, it’s probably not on my radar.

But today I’ve done some catching up. See over there? —>>> I finally updated out read aloud and audio book. No, we haven’t been reading The Bronze Bow for three months. And in between the Gooney Bird books on CD and The Mysterious Benedict Society, which we’re listening to now, we listened to the first three books in the 39 Clues series, which were a huge hit.

OK, I am pretty sure we’ve established that I am not crafty. So it makes my love affair with Pinterest somewhat heartbreaking– so many ideas, so little talent.

But when I saw this Days of the Week board, I thought it was something I could handle.

via Pinterest from Next to Heaven

And I did!

OK, the picture is awful, but I’m pretty proud. I used the Waldorf colors of the day to signal each day and added clip art that supported what our daily focus is. Now I just need to hang it up…

You know the old nursery rhyme, right?

Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Bake on Wednesday,
Brew on Thursday,
Churn on Friday,
Mend on Saturday,
Go to meeting on Sunday.

Well, I do my churning with my blender, so I don’t need a whole day for that.

I’m not much into brewing, at least not yet.

I don’t iron. At all. Nicholas saw the ironing board and was amazed that we had a surfboard in the mudroom.

But Monday is our big washday, and this is how it goes.