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Peg o’ My Heart

How serendipitous! My clothespin bag was attacked by killer squirrels (or something, I didn’t see) and I need to make a new one. When I google searched, one of the first sites was from one of my favorites,!

11 free clothespin bag patterns

This one from is cute, but the button holes might be too much for me.

And this apron from Mother Earth News is lovely, but again, beyond me.

I’ll probably settle for this easy-peasy recycled shirt bag. Looks easy enough even for me!

Swiftly go the days…

I thought I would share how our day goes on a good day (and how I wish it would go on a bad day, LOL!)

Sometime between 6 and 7, I get up. I take care of laundry, including folding and sorting it into our laundry bins (dishpans labeled with each child’s name). I also try to get kitchen chores started and do any prep work for meals. I try to get my shower at this time, get dressed, and start breakfast, all while listening to NPR. It’s peaceful, because our family rule is that no one except Mama and Daddy can come downstairs before 7 AM.

Guess what I did today!

OK, it looks like I peed in 5 big jars, LOL! But nope, that’s not it. I was inspired by both Emily’s soup posts and an old post I had printed from Large Family Logistics, as well as some counsel from MOMYS on saving money on lunch meat– I boiled a chicken, saved the meat for sandwiches, and made my own chicken broth!

Go me!

Ummm… Happy Arbor Day?

Monday is the day the city comes along and picks up all our lawn and garden clippings and trimmings and turns them into mulch. Everyone wins!

This is the little pile we started:

We made good use of all those kids we have and put them to work. Some worked more cheerfully than others.

Hey, camouflage! We learned about that!

And, finally, we get rid of the Christmas tree that’s been hanging out in the yard next to the garage.
The Pile.

I’m having an organizational crisis.

I’m not sure why, but I can’t seem to get anything done, and I’m exhausted. I’ve been meaning to make an appointment for a physical for a while, and I’m definitely going to do it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if anyone is reading this and has any advice on balancing schooling and mothering and housekeeping and being a wife and everything else, please let me know.

A Housekeeping Retreat

This post from Are We There Yet? is twelve shades of awesome.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’ve just spent the last five hours or so putting together my Household Management Notebook. God bless my husband. He made dinner AND cuddled the vomiting four-year-old so I could get it done. The camera is still lost, so no pictures, but I was able to scan the cover:

My scanner adds shadows where shadows don’t actually exist. Odd.

The quote in the lower right corner is:
Start by doing what is necessary.
then what’s possible,
and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.

and is credited to St. Francis of Assisi.

If I ever find the camera (please, St. Anthony!) I’ll post pictures, but for now let me tell you what the sections are.


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but over the Christmas holidays we made some big changes. We moved the table to the breakfast nook and changed the dining room into a schoolroom/playroom. It’s a little crowded at meals, but I’d rather be a tiny bit cramped for a half-hour a day or so than confused and unorganized all day long.

So, this is the erstwhile dining room. The door you see is to the kitchen. The picture on the wall is Our Lady of Good Counsel, one of my favorite representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and, in my opinion, a particularly good choice for the homeschooling room.

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