Katie Grace

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Michael’s narration and illustration of the Susan Constant and how she carried Englishman to North America on King James’s command to find gold.

Michael’s definitions and illustrations of the three types of rock.

Katie Grace’s multiplication wheel for factors of 3.

And factors of 4.

And factors of 2. She’s really been enjoying these!

One was the only wheel with curves.

Michael’s diagram of the layers of the earth.

As you can tell, we’ve had an extremely busy weekend. Besides Katie Grace’s birthday and homeschool co-op awards night, we also had Katie Grace’s ballet recital today!
Here is a video of her dress rehearsal:

And here’s how she spent her morning before the recital:


Eight years ago, after my most peaceful birth, I held in my arms the fussiest little baby. For her first three months, she screamed and cried, and so did I.
Once we moved back to Seminary, she magically turned into a much happier baby, and her sense of humor really started to shine through.
In a house full of boys, Katie Grace holds her own.

Happy Birthday, Katie Grace. May you continue to be a blessing to those around you.