For our first circle of Daniel’s kindergarten year we’ll be saying goodbye to summer and revisiting our year-long theme story, Through the Magic Door, which you can read here (scroll down).

We usually start our circle time with a song, alerting anyone who wants to join in to come into the living room.

Everybody come join hands.
Dance and sing and sing some more.
Everybody come join hands,
Through the magic door.

Everybody come join hands.
Come and join us in the ring.
Everybody come join hands,
Dancing as we sing.

I read this poem to Daniel today and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. I thought I would share it with you as well!

The Duel

    THE gingham dog and the calico cat
    Side by side on the table sat;
    ‘Twas half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)
    Nor one nor t’other had slept a wink!
    The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate
    Appeared to know as sure as fate
    There was going to be a terrible spat.

    (I wasn’t there; I simply state

What has our little kindergarten joy boy been up to this month? Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

We’re still working our way through the alphabet– strictly letter recognition only, no writing– and this month we hit on R (Rumpelstiltskin), S (a made-up story about a discontented little stream), T (The Three Bears) and U (The First Umbrella). We’ve also started some listening games with different letter sounds, listening for words with similar and different beginning and ending sounds.


I cannot begin to tell you how thankful and blessed I am to be able to homeschool, especially when it comes to Nicholas. He’s simply not ready for an academic kindergarten. In the shelter of our home, however, he’s free to explore and learn at his own pace, which is alternately slow and completely frenetic.

Some themes this week were the fairy tale Needle, Shuttle, and Spindle, the letter N, heavy and light and long and short, and winter.

Sewing a little pillow for one of his animal friends…

Making beeswax icicles to decorate the sleepy bears’ cave on the nature table…


Nicholas has been busy this week!
For circle, we’ve been exploring how the animals care for themselves during the winter. We’ve been using the “Winter Woods” circle from Winter Seasons of Joy. Nicholas’s favorite animals are the bunny and Mr. Squirrel.

As a tie-in to the story, we’re also telling the story of The Mitten.

Bunny ears and bear ears, hiding in a blanket “mitten”.

A mousie mask too!

Acting out the mitten with a story basket.

We’re working on recognizing the letter L.
Nicholas practicing L. We haven’t done a whole lot of writing, but since L is basically 2 straight lines, we gave it a shot. As Nicholas said, “HEY! I can do that one!”

, ,

He doesn’t look happy, but he really enjoyed this game!

I drew a rainbow arc and divided it into 11 sections. I numbered them 2 through 12.

Nicholas rolled the dice and added the two together. He them colored that section of the rainbow.