Little League Week

Little League Week: Casey at the Bat

Casey at the Bat has been a favorite at our house for a long time, ever since Michael was just a wee little guy. It’s an awesome poem that stands very well on its own without props or pictures or fanfare. If you do, however, decide to extend the tale a bit, here are some ideas for you.

We have several picture book versions of the story.

This Caldecott Honor book has beautiful illustrations. It’s done “scrapbook style”– not the newfangled scrapbooks with their ribbons and brads and coordinating stickers, but the old fashioned kind, with yellowing newspaper with ripped corners and folded up ticket stubs. It’s really quite lovely and gives you a real feel for the period.

Little League Week, Thursday's Treasure

Thursday Treasure: Take me out to the ballgame!

‘Take me out to the ballgame!’ by annettemarie

Some Etsy finds to go along with our Little League theme this week.

Baseball Bat Bowling Set – W…


Felted Baseball made from Al…


Recycled Crayons Baseball Gl…


The Out and About Backpack f…


Wooden Toy – Deluxe Custom P…


Sensory Taggy Ribbon Tag Bla…


Baseball I Spy Bag with Phot…




PLAY BALL baby girl booties …


NEW ITEM – Baseball Knit Bea…


Boy’s Navy Baseball Clip…


Reusable sandwich bag – Lets…

Circle, Little League Week

Sunshiny Circle… Now with Baseball!

We’re still doing our summer sunshine circle found here, but have changed things up a little.

We took out Over in the Meadow and substituted Casey at the Bat. And we added lots of fun baseball songs as well. Besides Take Me Out to the Ballgame (natch) here are some other songs and rhymes we’ve added:

A Baseball
(sung to a Tisket, a Tasket)
Words by Joe Stover

A baseball, a baseball, a brand new shiny baseball,
I hit it with my wooden bat
And saw it hit the left wall.

Little League Week

Little League Week: Grand Slam Parade!

Around here, we always kick off the Little League World Series with the Grand Slam Parade. This year I felt especially blessed to be there with my husband, older children, and two rather nonplussed babies who seemed more interested in snuggling up to Daddy than to paying attention to the festivities at hand.

We got there fairly late– right when the parade was scheduled to start and people had been saving seats since around 10 AM!– but we found a stump no one had claimed and had a seat.

General, Little League Week

It’s Little League week!

I have been a very naughty blogger.

We started school and have been trying so many wonderful and new things… and I haven’t shared any of them.

We’ve had lots of fun and many, many adventures… and I haven’t shared any of them.

We’ve begun school and have been learning many new facts and started many awesome projects… and I haven’t shared any of them.

But, my friends, I am hoping to change all that, and what a week to do it!