Last weekend, we met up with some online friends for a lantern walk.

The friends were people we met through an attachment parenting meet-up.I think we’d met the host family once before at an event, but didn’t remember.

I showed up a half-hour early by accident.

I forgot diapers and Matthew poo’d and I needed to borrow a disposable.

My two middle boys were kind of loud and obnoxious and my older daughter was commandeering every baby she could get her hands on.

Waldorf Wednesday #11

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Molly and Matthew in jammies Grandma and
Grandpa brought back from Florida

Phew! Goodbye election, hello Martinmas, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany!

Congratulations to Zanna L., winner of the Seasons of Joy giveaway last week. Check your email! And thank you all for entering and spreading the word.

I am up bright and early this morning, putting the finishing touches on Seasons of Joy’s newest book Martinmas: Let Your Little Light Shine. For only $5, you get over 20 pages that outline a family or community celebration, complete with stories, verses, fingerplays, songs, recipes, crafts, and more.

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The election behind us, we can now move ahead to the next celebration: Martinmas!

First and foremost, I would like to introduce Seasons of Joy’s brand new Martinmas book. This book is meant to give you the means to create your own Martinmas celebration and lantern walk, and features stories, recipes, fingerplays, crafts, a book list, songs, and more. It’s only $5 and it is my prayer that it will guide you in making your celebration light-filled and magical.

Purchase Seasons of Joy’s Martinmas e-book now!

Martinmas Celebration E-book!

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UPDATE: It’s here!
Seasons of Joy Martinmas e-book

Lantern walkYes, I know this would have been more helpful had it been completed a week or so ago.

Yes, I know this is short notice.

But better late than never, right?

I’ll have the finishing touches on this tonight (promise!) but I wanted to share a preview of the Seasons of Joy Martinmas Celebration e-book. It’s meant to guide you through a Martinmas gathering with friends and/or family and features stories, fingerplays, recipes, activities, and music. It will be $5 and I can’t wait to share it with you!


PhotobucketThis week, we’ll start with a story poem found in “An Overview of the Waldorf Kindergarten”. This is a great little book, and is on sale right now at Bob and Nancy’s Bookshop.

George’s Lantern
Lying in the meadow grass
And gazing at the autumn sky,
“Dear Father Sun,” said George out loud,
“It will be winter by and by.”

“The nights will be long, dark, and cold.
Jack Frost will freeze the ground.
How shall I find the light
With so much darkness all around?”

Said Father Sun, “I’ll give you from my
Last autumn rays, a spark,
If you will make a little house
To hold it in the dark.”