Meal Plan Monday

Meal plan Monday

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast, pineapple, juice, milk
Lunch: Chicken salad on a roll, coleslaw, milk, strawberry gelatin, plum
Dinner: Burgers, corn, salad, asparagus, ice cream
Snacks: Bananas, yogurt

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, toast, grapefruit, milk
Lunch: Sandwich, oven fries, coleslaw, banana
Dinner: Roast chicken breast, baked potato, honey glazed carrots, salad
Snacks: Cottage cheese, pears, yogurt

Breakfast: English muffin, peanut butter, yogurt, orange, milk
Lunch: Soup, crackers, cheese, yogurt, apples
Dinner: Pork, scalloped potatoes, green beans, carrot-raisin salad, walnuts, milk
Snacks: Cheese, fruit

General, Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday!

BREAKFAST: Cereal, fruit, juice, toast, yogurt
LUNCH: Grilled chicken sandwich, salad, fruit, milk
DINNER: Tacos with lots of veggies
SNACKS: Almonds, yogurt

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal, fruit, juice, yogurt
LUNCH: Ham and swiss sandwich, carrot “chips”, apple
DINNER: Fish, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, salad, bread
SNACKS: Nuts, cantaloupe, yogurt

BREAKFAST: French toast topped with fruit, smoothie
LUNCH: Tuna melt, oven fries, coleslaw, peas and carrots, milk, fruit
DINNER: Pollo alla Griglia, mixed greens, roasted potatoes, steamed spinach
SNACKS: Berries, baby carrots in dip, almonds

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? But I miss the accountability it gives me, and so here we are.

Breakfast: Hard-boiled eggs with toast soldiers; yogurt
Lunch: Tortilla pizzas
Dinner: Rigatoni and meatballs; salad
Snacks and Desert: Fruit, snickerdoodle cookies
Meal Prep: Make extra hard-boiled eggs at breakfast, thaw stew beef, double cookie recipe and freeze, make tomato sauce

Breakfast: Apple oatmeal
Lunch: Peanut butter crackers, hard-boiled eggs, fruit and veggies
Dinner: Millet stew with beef; homemade bread or rolls
Snacks and Desert:Cheese, apple kuchen
Meal Prep: Bread or rolls for dinner; make coffee cake for breakfast; banana bread; kuchen; thaw ground beef

Meal Plan Monday

Pantry Challenge: Chopped Edition, Day 4

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Remember today’s basket?

Well, today we had the hummus with some crackers at snack. Lunch was mac and cheese and the fish cakes. For dinner, I made some oven-baked chicken with the Bisquick. The kids were mad because they thought they were getting pancakes. Whoops.

So, for tomorrow:

Michael (cupboards): sunflower seeds
Katie Grace (pantry): tropical fruit cocktail– why did I even buy this???
Nicholas (freezer): turkey meatballs
Daniel (fridge/freezer): frozen blueberries

Hmmmm… I already have a few ideas. I wonder if the fruit salad and blueberries would make a smoothie?

Meal Plan Monday

Pantry Challenge: Chopped Edition, Day 3

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Day 2 was another success! We used the honey to sweeten our oatmeal at breakfast. For lunch we had a family favorite– tuna and cream cheese blended together, with crackers and pickles. For dinner I cooked the sausage and cut it into coins and served it with spaghetti, sauce, and green beans. I’m not a terribly creative cook, so if you’re looking for fascinatingly unique recipes, you’ve probably come to the wrong blog.

Todays basket includes:
Michael (fridge): Hummus
Katie Grace (cupboards): Bisquick
Nicholas (pantry): Boxed mac and cheese
Daniel (freezer): trout cakes

Meal Plan Monday

Pantry Challenge: Chopped Edition, Day 2

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Remember yesterday’s challenge?

Well, we used it all up! We had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, soft pretzels for morning snack, and ice cream for afternoon snack. For dinner I made Ramen Beef Pie, but I added some green beans in there for some extra veggies.

Today’s basket includes:
Michael (freezer): Sweet Italian sausage
Katie Grace (fridge): dill pickles
Nicholas (cupboards): honey
Daniel (pantry): tuna fish