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Spring Break?

My biggest boy and my littlest boy, making beautiful music together. Of course, I could have done without looking up today to discover that Daniel had been left sitting alone on the piano bench playing for 5 minutes, but it’s nice to see them enjoying music together.

I’ve decided that next year, I am ordering things so we have a bit of a spring break. We certainly have spring fever! We’ve been getting the basics done–reading lessons for Katie Grace, math for both, Story of the World. We just started reading A Wrinkle in Time. I’ll need to update the sidebar, but tomorrow. Sigh. It seems like everything gets pushed back to tomorrow.

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A Week in Review

Three posts today, and no posts last week. It was a rough week, but we did get lots done.

Sunday was Michael’s First Communion. Except it wasn’t, because in the ELCA, children can technically receive Communion from the time their baptized, so Michael has been receiving since he was around a year old. This was a hard day for me actually, one of the hardest parts of raising Little Lutherans.

This is Michael and his buddy Lukey.

And cake! Everybody loves cake!

Monday was Rosa Parks birthday, and we talked about the life of this wonderful woman.

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I don’t know if I mentioned it, but over the Christmas holidays we made some big changes. We moved the table to the breakfast nook and changed the dining room into a schoolroom/playroom. It’s a little crowded at meals, but I’d rather be a tiny bit cramped for a half-hour a day or so than confused and unorganized all day long.

So, this is the erstwhile dining room. The door you see is to the kitchen. The picture on the wall is Our Lady of Good Counsel, one of my favorite representations of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and, in my opinion, a particularly good choice for the homeschooling room.