Here’s what Nicholas kept busy with today.
An alphabet magnet book.

Playing The Very Hungry Caterpillar game with Daniel.

Reading “Each Peach, Pear, Plum” with Katie Grace.

Painting with blue.

Going on a penny hunt created by Michael.

Repeating a pancake game we made up yesterday.

Making patterns.

Talking about Ash Wednesday.

Putting favorite things away in a Lent box.

Making a robin finger puppet.

And taking over the world with ROBOTS!


Asking a child to draw a picture of a house, a tree, and a person is a pretty common assessment technique, and one I’ve been using with my own little ones for years. You can use it with anyone age 3 and up. There’s actually an entire psychological evaluation centered around the exercise, but I don’t quite take it that far, LOL!

The Waldorf community has a different take on the house–tree–person exercise. A 1999 edition of Gateways makes the following connections:

1. The house– a picture of where the child is on earth. From that place the child goes out and comes in again in the process of meeting the world.


Happy Workbox Wednesday!

We’ve been talking a lot about halves and wholes lately, so first we played a little game where I drew a half and he finished it. Nicholas said they were “treasure boxes,” LOL!

And then he used pattern blocks to use two halves to create a whole.

He made a beautiful window transparency with fairy fleece.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I have it on good authority that it’s a gnome standing in the sun.

He had a great time with finger puppets.

And then big sister joined him in making a beautiful stained glass lantern.


I cannot begin to tell you how thankful and blessed I am to be able to homeschool, especially when it comes to Nicholas. He’s simply not ready for an academic kindergarten. In the shelter of our home, however, he’s free to explore and learn at his own pace, which is alternately slow and completely frenetic.

Some themes this week were the fairy tale Needle, Shuttle, and Spindle, the letter N, heavy and light and long and short, and winter.

Sewing a little pillow for one of his animal friends…

Making beeswax icicles to decorate the sleepy bears’ cave on the nature table…


Nicholas has been busy this week!
For circle, we’ve been exploring how the animals care for themselves during the winter. We’ve been using the “Winter Woods” circle from Winter Seasons of Joy. Nicholas’s favorite animals are the bunny and Mr. Squirrel.

As a tie-in to the story, we’re also telling the story of The Mitten.

Bunny ears and bear ears, hiding in a blanket “mitten”.

A mousie mask too!

Acting out the mitten with a story basket.

We’re working on recognizing the letter L.
Nicholas practicing L. We haven’t done a whole lot of writing, but since L is basically 2 straight lines, we gave it a shot. As Nicholas said, “HEY! I can do that one!”