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Poor Emily over at Free Range Ramblings had a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day. I hope she doesn’t move to Australia though, because people in this town who get me are in short supply. I’m also worried my kids somehow broke her house, LOL!

We had a beautiful day. We lit one of our Candlemas candles so we would remember to pray for our friend Donna who was scheduled to have her fifth baby girl today.

I was thinking, seeing as I’ve been blogging more diligently and (hopefully) people are reading my blog, I would take some time and introduce my children.

Nicholas is my third child. He is a love and a complete nut.

NICHOLAS: Can I touch my butt, Mama?
ME: Um… no?
NICHOLAS: Yes, I can! Because it is my own butt! And I can do this.
ME: *is afraid to look, but does when she hears a loud THUD*
NICHOLAS: *has run into wall and is now flat on his back, looking stunned*


Today, both the Lutherans and the Catholics celebrated the Baptism of Our Lord. I woke up with a strong, strong need to go to Mass. Someday, if anyone is interested, I will post about my constant struggle in which everyone’s needs get met except my own when it comes to church. As a Catholic married to a Lutheran pastor and raising Little Lutherans, it gets difficult. But this morning, I needed the grace of Mass, so after I taught Lutheran Sunday School, I put Nicholas in the nursery, found someone for Katie Grace and Michael to sit with, and went to Mass with the baby. And it was lovely.