Plans and Projects

Monday, March 17
St. Patrick’s Day: Make Irish soda bread and corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Katie Grace has a ballet make-up class.

Tuesday, March 18:
Katie Grace has ballet.

Wednesday, March 19:
St. Joseph Day: We usually make St. Joseph cream puffs to go along with dinners.

Thursday, March 20:
La Leche League!
First day of Spring: We’ll go to Rita’s for a free Italian Ice.
Maundy Thursday: Church for foot-washing service.

Friday, March 21:
Good Friday: Stop in and visit at church between noon and three.
Bach’s Birthday: Since it’s Good Friday, we’ll probably listen to one of his Passion cantatas.


Liturgical Focus: Lent/Passion of Our Lord

This Week’s Feasts and Festivals:

Friday, February 29: Leap Year Day

Saturday, March 1: St. David’s Day

Sunday, March 2: Mothering Sunday

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Special Events:

ALL WEEK: Michael has orchestra

Monday: Chip on retreat all day

Wednesday: Michael’s first orchestra concert

Friday: First day of spring co-op!

Sunday: Trip to the Sugar Shack at the Nature Preserve


Liturgical Focus: Lent/Passion of Our Lord

This Week’s Feasts and Festivals:

Monday, February 18: Martin Luther

Presidents’ Day

Friday, February 22: Washington’s Birthday

Chair of St. Peter

Special Events:

Thursday, February 21: 10 AM LLL

6 PM Mask Making at the Library

Friday to Saturday: 30 Hour Famine

Saturday, February 23: 10:30 AM Mask Making at the Library

2:00 PM Carnival of the Animals Children’s Concert

Only in this household do you hit Martin Luther and the Chair of St. Peter in one week. Oy vey.


Liturgical Season: Lent
Monthly Focus: The Passion of Our Lord
Monday, February 11: Our Lady of Lourdes
Tuesday, February 12: Lincoln’s Birthday
Thursday, February 14: St. Valentine’s Day
Sunday, February 17: Michael turns 9!

Another week with lots happening! Michael has orchestra this week–it’s one week on, one week off–and Grandma and Grandpa will be up Sunday for his birthday. I told him he could have a buddy over for dinner Saturday. Add to this the usual parade of scouts, basketball practice, ballet lessons, and Odyssey of the Mind, and it’s shaping up to be a crazy week.