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Since my awesome news about my heart’s recovery from peripartum cardiomyopathy this week, I decided to feature beautiful lovely hearts on this week’s Thursday Treasure.

‘Sweet, heart!’ by annettemarie

Waldorf -Montessori- Rainbow…


Waldorf Doll Dress / Jumper …


Waldorf inspired needle felt…


Kids Toys Hand Knit Rainbow …


Squirrel waldorf needle felt…


Waldorf Pocket Gnome – Handm…


Needle Felted Angel, Fairy, …


Needle Felting Kit – Heart -…



Happy Wednesday!!!!

If exclamation points show how happy one is, I should have a billion of them. Yesterday I got the news that, almost two years after Matthew and Molly’s birth and my diagnosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy, or PPCM, I am completely recovered! My heart function is normal, my heart size is normal, and now we begin the work of slowly weaning off the medications. My doctor’s exact words were “If someone walked up to me and handed me a copy of your echocardiogram, I would have no idea what I was supposed to be looking for.”



It’s OK; I know I do.

But here’s the thing– before I had the twins and developed peripartum cardiomyopathy, I had no idea this existed.

I didn’t know women died from pregnancy-related heart failure.

I didn’t know how close I was to losing my two sweet babies.

I was a bit of a birth junkie, and I had no idea.

Me, a few days before the babies were born and probably already in heart failure

So, I share my birth story.

I share other women’s stories.

You might remember I asked for prayers last week.

This week, I come to you humbled and in awe. My heart, which went into failure when the babies were born… my heart, which was supposed to be ejecting 55-60% of its blood at a time and was only able to eject 5 to 10% with each beat… my heart, which had enlarged and earned me the scary diagnosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy

My heart is functioning at “low normal” levels!!!

My echocardiogram showed my ejection fraction in the low 50s. 55-60% is what it would take to be considered fully recovered, but oh, I’ll take it! I’ll take it!

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My camera is broken.

Well, let’s give credit where credit is due– my camera is broken thanks to a collaborative effort between an unknown child and myself. First A Child Who Will Not Confess broke the little door off the battery compartment. This was not problematic for about 8 hours… until I dropped the camera and now the battery will no longer stay in place. But that’s OK because I have a shiny new camera on its way. According to the internet, it should be here tomorrow.

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Oh my goodness, I have 8-week-old babies!!!!

And they’re really stinking cute!

I am constantly amazed at how different their personalities are already.  Matthew is my easygoing little guy. He loves to coo and smile, and it takes him a while to work up to a cry. Molly, on the other hand, goes from zero to cry in no time flat, and really makes you work for a smile. I’ve never seen a more serious baby!

We’ve jumped back into homeschooling with both feet. Thanks to our early start, we only have 60 more days to go even though we took six weeks off when the babies were born!