Rhythms and Routines


Way back in the day, when I had just one child, I remember people asking “Is he on a schedule yet?” And I giggled to myself, picturing a baby with a briefcase and a pocket planner, busily making his way from one meeting to another. But out loud, I simply said, “No, we just play it by ear.”

Soon enough, playing it by ear wasn’t enough. Juggling a baby, housework, cooking, playdates, my husband’s schedule, social engagements– we needed a plan! And that was just with one child. Now, with four, I find that our rhythms and routines are the foundation that hold up our day.


This week we’re doing the Harvest Circle from Autumn Seasons of Joy. Unfortunately, I committed the unpardonable sin of running out of matches to light the candles. Daniel was beside himself! He spent the first five minutes yelling “Circy time! Candles!” until I distracted him with a rousing rendition of “Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow,” but then when it was over he started fussing at me again. He looked very forlorn, looking up at the mantle and pretending to blow out candles that were never lit.

Never underestimate the power of a good daily routine– kids depend on it!

Bless our hearts.
Put hand over heart.
Bless our home.
Raise arms to make a roof.
Bless our family.
Hold hands.
Throughout this day. Amen.
Squeeze hands.

May the grace of God
Mark the sign of the cross over their hearts
Which passes all understanding
Mark the sign of the cross on foreheads
Strengthen you
Mark the sign of the cross on their forearms
And give you peace.
Mark the sign of the cross on eyelids.

From Augsburg Fortress’s Children’s Devotional