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Spring Seasons of Joy


Spring Seasons of JoyI don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but the Spring issue of Seasons of Joy is one of my absolute favorites. I wrote it when I was pregnant with Daniel, and was so full of love and hope of new birth that my joy overflowed into the pages.

You can get lots of hints and clues about Spring Seasons of Joy here. Flower Fairy Circle Time is a magical experience, and there are lots of ideas for crafts and handwork to grace your Spring Nature Table.

What are my toddlers doing in September?

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We’ll be spending the first couple weeks with a gnome focus. I figure this will work in nicely with Daniel’s very first first grade main lesson focus (more on that in another post.). As I said before, we’re going to pull quite a bit from Autumn Seasons of Joy. We’ll be doing the Seasons of Joy gnomie circle, including this favorite rhyme that I wrote. The twins absolutely love this one!

Planning for... Toddler Time!

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Matthew and Molly have been asking if they get to “do school” this year. With late November birthdays, it gets a little awkward. I don’t plan on starting kindergarten until the September after they turn 5, which gives us 2 more preschool years to fill. I like to save Nursery Rhyme Nursery School for the four-year-old year, so this year we’ll really be doing a lot of Seasons of Joy stuff. I’m hoping it encourages me to do some editing and cleaning up as well!

Spring Circle Time

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We’re having so much fun with Spring Seasons of Joy this year! One of the things I really do love about my e-guides is seeing the gleam of recognition in my children’s eyes as we bring back songs we sang at the same time last year. There’s something so comforting and familiar in singing certain songs at the same time each year. We may add some new things as well, but the foundation of the circle is the same

Right now we’ve been enjoying the flower fairy circle. I’ve even caught my younger ones searching yard for hidden fairies!

Things have been quiet here because I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on our latest Seasons of Joy e-book.


Seasons of Joy’s Media Guide for Early Childhood!

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10 character-based circle times, including Bear in the Big Blue House, the Octonauts, and Little Einstein

Verses to sing before turning the television on and off

Painting stories, including Elmo Red, a Curious George story with the Man in the Yellow Hat, and Blue’s Clue Blue. Secondary colors are introduced when Thomas and James collide.

And the winner is…


Happy Spring, Hannah, and I’ll be emailing you.

Thank you to all who entered and I hope all your favorite things about spring come to pass soon.

Here? It’s snowing again.