Seasons of Joy

It’s my birthday! My husband is out of town and the skies are gray. I don’t get a birthday crown and will probably not even have a cake unless I bake it myself, but I am still so happy to have made another trip around the sun.

To celebrate– did I mention I’m the big 4-0?– I wanted to offer the following special on Seasons of Joy:

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One of the advantages to the “new regime” is that we finally have focused time to do science. And by “do science,” I don’t mean we’re spending hours on end poring over textbooks, doing experiments, or ripping things apart in the name of science. OK, we’ve ripped a few things apart in the name of science. We cut open a cockscomb bloom and were delighted when the seeds shook out like a tiny rain.

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We have been having so much fun in our circle time these past two weeks. We’ve been going apple picking. First we ride our ponies to the apple orchard, then we find the apples and pick them and put them in our baskets. After riding back home, we tell the story of how to find a cozy little room that houses five seed babies inside the apple. Then we wash our apples and make apple cake! What a wonderful thing to experience in our imaginations, day after day after day.

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There were some sure signs of spring today, and I’d like to add one more… a Spring Seasons of Joy giveaway!

Spring Seasons of Joy is a Waldorf-inspired activity guide featuring ten weeks of circle times, fairy tales and story extensions, handwork projects, nature tables, watercolor stories, coloring and modeling activities, playtime ideas, outings and group activities, ideas for you and your baby, and much more. Aimed at families in the early childhood years, I can honestly say that my older children still enjoy many of the activities.


Looking for ways to bring joy and peace to your daily routines? Spring Seasons of Joy may be just what you need! For only $15, you get…

Five spring circles, including a gathering verse, a candle-lighting verse, and two close of circle verses. Each circle is full of songs, verses, movement rhymes, and more, and the themes are Winter Goodbye, Dig a Little Earth, Flowers and Flower Fairies, Raindrops, and Animals All Around.