Seasons of Joy

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Oh, I love the Flower Fairy circle time from Spring Seasons of Joy. I think Nicholas and Daniel really do as well. We had fun sitting on silks and pretending they were flower buds that turned into little fairy boats.

The itsy bitsy fairy sat in a flower bud
Down came the rain and the rain became a flood!
The tiny little flower became a fairy boat
And the itsy bitsy fairy, in a puddle she did float.

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A Note from Me to You
Oh, it feels so good to be writing to this list again! Looking at the archives, I realize that I’ve been writing this ever since my first little guy, Michael, was a baby. He’s a big eight-year-old guy now! It’s hard to believe. I haven’t always been faithful in writing to this list, but I do notice than when I write, it helps to center and ground our routine. Thanks for sticking with me! And remember, when the list has dry spells, there’s always the archives, found here:


I haven’t updated here for a while; between gestating and writing the spring book and homeschooling, there’s been little time for anything else.

But, the spring book is finished! 90 pages, 10 weeks of ideas, and full of flowers and fairies and fun.

It’s available here:


You know, I never quote know what to put here. I have two mailing lists: Natural Childhood, where I try to post tips, ideas, recipes–just little things for adding Waldorf-inspired ideas to your life–and feasts and festivals, which is mostly feasts and festivals, LOL! I guess I invisioned this as a place to post day-to-day stuff. But I’ve been trying so hard to stay offline during the day, and by the time night rolls around, I’m really, really tired.