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An April Welcome

Come up, April, through the valley,
In your robes of beauty dressed.
Come and wake your flowery children
From their wintry bed of rest.
Come and overblow them softly
With the sweet breath of the south.
Drop upon them, warm and loving,
Tenderest kisses from your mouth.

Call the crow-foot and the crocus,
Call the pale anenome.
Call the violet and the daisy
Clothed with careful modesty:
Seek the low and humble blossoms,
Of their beauty unaware.
Let the dandelion and fennel
Show their golden hair.

~ Pheobe Cary

Spring Seasons of Joy

Looking for ways to bring joy and peace to your daily routines? Spring Seasons of Joy may be just what you need! For only $15, you get…

Five spring circles, including a gathering verse, a candle-lighting verse, and two close of circle verses. Each circle is full of songs, verses, movement rhymes, and more, and the themes are Winter Goodbye, Dig a Little Earth, Flowers and Flower Fairies, Raindrops, and Animals All Around.

Weekend Round-up!

Spring is in the air all over the Blogosphere!

I love this post on The Imagination Tree about making a play garden. I really want to set up a little area like this! And Keeper at Home has a great post on how to plan my garden.

Of course Holy Week is coming and The Catholic Toolbox, as usual, has some great ideas for marking the week. Living Crafts also has this great post from Suzanne Down showing you how to felt a black hen and chick. This would be awesome in an Easter basket!

March… In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb… or so goes the familiar saying. At our house, we’ve been having fun predicting at breakfast whether it will be a “lion day” or a “lamb day.” On our daily walk, we look for signs of spring, or remnants of winter. Here are some fun lion and lamb activities to see you through March.

Make lion and lamb fluffy pillows (you will probably have to cut and paste this link). You can revamp the instructions to use natural materials.

Bake some yummy lion and lamb bread on your next bread-baking day.

Spring Nature Table

We’ll add more as the season moves on. The kids will find items from nature, the seeds in the dish garden will (hopefully!) sprout, and we’ll add our own crafted items from Spring Seasons of Joy and other sources. But here is the beginning of our spring nature table.

March promise

O March that blusters and March that blows,
What color under your footstep glows?
Beauty you summon from winter’s snow
And you are the pathway that leads to the rose.

It’s not a rose, but it will do for now.

Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers growing by my door.
I picked one, and then there were four.

Four little flowers I did see.
I picked one, and then there were three.

Three little flowers, pretty and new.
I picked one, and then there were two.

Two little flowers out in the sun.
I picked one and then there was one.

One little flower growing in the sun.
I picked it too, and then there were none.

Spring Nature Table

Our lilas finally bloomed!

Circle Time: Spring Flower Fairies

Oh, I love the Flower Fairy circle time from Spring Seasons of Joy. I think Nicholas and Daniel really do as well. We had fun sitting on silks and pretending they were flower buds that turned into little fairy boats.

The itsy bitsy fairy sat in a flower bud
Down came the rain and the rain became a flood!
The tiny little flower became a fairy boat
And the itsy bitsy fairy, in a puddle she did float.

Circle Time: Dig a Little earth

We’ve expanded out beautiful flowers on the mantle to include some pansies we won at the church potluck on Sunday. The walnut, Nicholas found in the yard.

Here’s Nick, “giving a little sunshine”.

Dig a little hole,
Plant a little seed.
Pour a little water,
Pull a little weed.
Chase a little bug,
Heigh-ho, there he goes!
Give a little sunshine,
Grow a little rose.
You can find the complete “Dig a Little Earth” circle, along with four others, in Spring Seasons of Joy. For only $15, this curriculum guide includes 10 weeks worth of circles, stories, painting, modeling, coloring, nature table crafts, playtime activities, and much, much more!
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