This week, we broke out the Spring Seasons of Joy!

Spring Candle Lighting Verse
Like the sun that warms the seeds
Sends light to us below,
So we light this candle,
That we may enjoy its glow.

Nicholas’s favorite part is banishing King Winter:
Goodbye, King Winter!
Your rule is no more.
Your ice and snow melted
All over earth’s floor.
Hello, Mother Earth!
Wake your root children all.
The seeds must all grow now
To flowers so tall.


While the big kids had their final dress rehearsal, we decided to dump the formal lessons and take our mini-homeschoolers to the park.

The girls were swinging and singing a song that went like this:

I’m higher than a butterfly.
I’m higher than the sky.
I’m higher than a kite.
I’m soooooo hiiiiiiiigh!!!!!
Thank goodness the DARE cops weren’t around.

And Daniel, God bless him, had ample chance to practice pretty much the only word he says with any consistency.