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Things have been kind of quiet around here…

Online, at least. In real life, things are hopping.

Sunday was the nicest Mother’s Day ever. It started on Saturday, with Katie Grace’s ballet recital. Usually I go to the rehearsal and take lots of pictures and videos. With the twins, I wasn’t able to. She did such a beautiful job and smiled her lovely smile the entire time. All of the dances were just beautiful and I was once again so grateful for St. John School of the Arts and Ms. Teresa’s efforts to protect her little ballerinas’ childhood innocence.

Katie Grace is in the middle with the high tight bun.

Lest you think our vacation was only about Harry Potter…

We did do some other things.

Here we are taking off.

And here we stopping 5 minutes later for some Dunkin’ Donuts.
We stopped in Grove City to see friends but didn’t get any pictures. Doh!

Chip and our big guys and the Jones boys went to the Football Hall of Fame.

But it was what came after that really stuck in the boys’ mind.

Here it comes!
The kitchen sink!
They put forth a good effort.

Michael quit first, but Joshua was still going strong.

Finally, they both had to give up.
Our last night there, Michael went with the Jones’s to a Scouting event, and we went to a great park.

Circle Time! Creepy Crawlies and Other Creatures

Since we’re just dipping our toes back into a rhythm, this isn’t as fleshed out as my circle times usually are. The theme is “Summer Creepy Crawlies and Creatures” to match the nursery rhymes we’ve chosen for this week and next.


Gathering Song (from Lisa Monet’s Circle Time CD)
Circle time, circle time,
Time for circle time!
Sing a song, bring along
A rhythm and a rhyme!

We start out singing Over in the Meadow. They like to act it out as we sing.

A whole pail of blueberries and three more besides…

Nicholas’s two favorite books lately have been Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow and Blueberries for Sal by Robert McClosky. Our favorite family treat lately is frozen blueberries. So, what better way to spend a Saturday morning then picking blueberries?

I’ve never picked blueberries before. I had no idea the bushes were so beautiful!



Kerplunk… (note Nicholas’s bucket… and this was towards the end of the picking!)

Michael’s favorite part– Daddy gave him money for the vending machine and he got a soda to share.

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