Unfold your heart.
Sharpen your ears.
And never say no to the world when it asks you to dance.
~Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore

Steady Beat

From the time your baby was born, you probably held them to your chest and the two of you felt the beating of one another’s hearts. As you relaxed into one another, you began to match breath for breath, creating a sense of peace and calm for you both. You instinctually patted a gentle steady beat on your baby’s diapered bum, or rocked slowly to a steady rhythm that only you could hear. Steady beat begins with your baby hearing your heartbeat in the womb and its importance is carried with them throughout their whole life. Experiencing steady beat with your child and, later, allowing them to explore and create steady beat themselves is a foundational skill that can be build upon throughout their lives.

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

There have been a lot of changes around here. If I can ever find a way to explain it all, I will eventually, but for now I’ll give the short and sweet bullet-points version

  • We are schooling four different ways, which is enough to make my head spin. The youngest two are spending their days with my friend who also has three little ones and are having an amazing time. The middle two are at our local elementary school a couple of blocks away and are adjusting nicely. Oldest daughter is homeschooling using Palomar K12 and oldest son is cyberschooling and will be going to CAPA, the public arts magnet school, next year. I’m so proud of all of them.

We are a book-loving family. But even though we have books pretty much everywhere, I do like to fill a special box or basket with books that appropriate to whatever season, holiday, or prevailing theme is taking over our home. Here are some of our early September favorites.

First we have Evelyn M. Finnegan’s My Little Friend books. I bought these for Daniel as a birthday gift a couple years ago and he absolutely loves them. We even had our own “little friend” to go along with them. I hope the twins enjoy them just as much and I know Daniel will love hearing them again.





We’ll be spending the first couple weeks with a gnome focus. I figure this will work in nicely with Daniel’s very first first grade main lesson focus (more on that in another post.). As I said before, we’re going to pull quite a bit from Autumn Seasons of Joy. We’ll be doing the Seasons of Joy gnomie circle, including this favorite rhyme that I wrote. The twins absolutely love this one!

Matthew and Molly have been asking if they get to “do school” this year. With late November birthdays, it gets a little awkward. I don’t plan on starting kindergarten until the September after they turn 5, which gives us 2 more preschool years to fill. I like to save Nursery Rhyme Nursery School for the four-year-old year, so this year we’ll really be doing a lot of Seasons of Joy stuff. I’m hoping it encourages me to do some editing and cleaning up as well!

Here are some ideas from the archives!

Forget worksheets and flashcards! Here are some fun ways to get to know the shapes.
– Make a shiny shape mobile. Cut out shapes from cardboard and cover them with foil, then arrange them in a mobile and hang where it will catch the light.
This is a nice present for big brother or sister to make for the baby in the family!
– Cut shapes from felt to string on a necklace.
– Make differently shaped felt beanbags.
– Draw shapes on each others’ backs. Try to guess what the shape is.
– Bake your own pretzels, crackers, and cookies in various shapes.
– Use tape to mark shapes on the floor. Run them, walk them, tiptoe along them.
– Hide cardboard shapes under paper and make shape rubbings.
– Make lacing cards in different shapes.
– Have shape sandwiches for lunch.
– Use shape cookie cutters with playdough.