Waldorf Wednesday Link Up

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Today is Katie Grace’s birthday! I am hoping her birthday gift gets here, because for some reason our mail service has been rather spotty of late. I woke up early to decorate her door because I forgot last night- whoops!—and in between the busy-ness of a normal Wednesday here, we’ll need to whip up a birthday cake. She’s requested ham for dinner. Yum!

We’ve also added a new member to our family this week. His name is Not-a-Mousie. It was Fred, but them we had a conversation that went like this:

Waldorf Wednesday #32


Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Doogie birthday
Birthday Boy!

Wait, what’s that you say? It’s Thursday? In the real world, perhaps, but in my world, where I wandered about yesterday thinking it was Tuesday and then panicked and tried to take my kid to a piano lesson that didn’t exist? Today is Wednesday.

Please tell me this happens to other people.

It’s all my fault, of course. Since I’ve suddenly decided to have a life, my dance card has become a lot fuller than it was before. Carmen rehearsals, voice lessons, trips to the gym—and this is all besides the normal activities of six homeschooling children. Throw in all the end-of-the-year performances and a mama who is too busy to take 10 minutes to get organized, and you have a week with two Tuesdays and no Wednesday.

Waldorf Wednesday #31

Happy, happy Waldorf Wednesday!

I would like to do my normal chat-a-little spiel a bit differently today and make an announcement. I am going to be hosting a Spring Faire right here on Seasons of Joy! I know the Waldorf schools typically have theirs around May Day, but because I was slow on the uptake (and a little afraid to make the leap) our will be the week of May 20th. My heart’s desire is that this is truly a community celebration and I want you all to be a part of it. If you’re interested at all, here’s what you can do.

Waldorf Wednesday #29


Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Spring has finally—FINALLY!!!—sprung here in Pittsburgh.

I think.

I hope.

Knock wood.

And we had a lovely Easter, even though it was chilly and rainy.

We’ve also had two weeks off official school, which is why I haven’t been sharing any homeschool news. Holy Week was filled with church. My older kids sang 4 nights in a row! On Good Friday, my husband, two oldest, and I sang in the Schutz Passion According to Saint John. We also sang this hymn, which really spoke to my heart. I had a consult with Melisa Nielson from Waldorf Essentials earlier that day and it coalesced so beautifully with what we spoke about earlier that it gave me shivers.

Waldorf Wednesday #27

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Happy (almost too late) Waldorf Wednesday and HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Although you would never know if from the snowflakes that have been dancing around here today. *grump*

I said on Facebook we’d be up “later today” and this is much later than we thought.

But you see, our day went like this:

Late wake up (because we didn’t get home from the theater until after 11 and everyone was still awake!)

Out for doughnuts (because… well, you don’t need a reason to go out for doughnuts, do you)

Waldorf Wednesday #26

It has been a rather unorthodox week here.

And before I go any further, can I just say how I long to begin one of these posts with “It’s been a perfectly normal boring week here.” That would be lovely. But for now…

It has been a rather unorthodox week here.

A week filled with dress rehearsals and costumes and extremely late bedtimes. There’s been far too much junk food and everybody is going out of their way to make things happen for Daniel—no easy feat for a pastor’s family during Lent and coming up on Holy Week!

Happy Waldorf Wednesday! The best thing to happen to Wednesday since millet. I didn’t make that up, by the way. Becca did. But it makes me smile every time I think about it, so I’m repeating it. Thanks, Becca!

We still have illness floating through the house. Too bad for the children, I got my voice back. But the sickness seems to have migrated away from our boogery noses and sore throats and into poor Molly’s tummy.

Oh dear! My poor little laptop did not miraculously repair. Right now it’s on its way to a lovely computer spa in Texas. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So, in lieu of actual pictures that have anything to do with this post, I will share random photos of my children.

Just the three youngest, because more would be too much sweetness to bear.

Meanwhile, here I am on my husband’s itty bitty Inspiron Duo. It’s this or our desktop that’s about as old as Nicholas (hint: 9). And no way to share pictures! So A Month of Tuesdays will probably be extending into March.

Waldorf Wednesday #23 … on a Thursday

Before sickness struck…

We have a bad case of the sickies here.

The twins went down first, although they handled it like little champs. OK, Molly was super whiny and Matthew discovered the joy of eating his own boogers. But basically, by the grace of God and some yummy homemade elderberry syrup, they were OK.

Next was Daniel. Poor sweet little guy with his raspy voice. Every now and again it would cut out altogether and he’d squeak in barely a whisper “My voice is hiding!”

Waldorf Wednesday #22

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Today begins a very important time in our family—Lent. We slow things down. Stick close to home. Simplify. We look inward and give some things up, take some things on. It’s kind of intense, but welcome.

So, you’ll forgive me if I’m not too verbose today. It’s a thinking time.

Oh, I will share this though. See this?


That, my friends, is Stephen Sondheim. And so is this.