Waldorf Wednesday Link Up

Happy Waldorf Wednesday! The best thing to happen to Wednesday since millet. I didn’t make that up, by the way. Becca did. But it makes me smile every time I think about it, so I’m repeating it. Thanks, Becca!

We still have illness floating through the house. Too bad for the children, I got my voice back. But the sickness seems to have migrated away from our boogery noses and sore throats and into poor Molly’s tummy.

Oh dear! My poor little laptop did not miraculously repair. Right now it’s on its way to a lovely computer spa in Texas. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So, in lieu of actual pictures that have anything to do with this post, I will share random photos of my children.

Just the three youngest, because more would be too much sweetness to bear.

Meanwhile, here I am on my husband’s itty bitty Inspiron Duo. It’s this or our desktop that’s about as old as Nicholas (hint: 9). And no way to share pictures! So A Month of Tuesdays will probably be extending into March.

Waldorf Wednesday #23 … on a Thursday

Before sickness struck…

We have a bad case of the sickies here.

The twins went down first, although they handled it like little champs. OK, Molly was super whiny and Matthew discovered the joy of eating his own boogers. But basically, by the grace of God and some yummy homemade elderberry syrup, they were OK.

Next was Daniel. Poor sweet little guy with his raspy voice. Every now and again it would cut out altogether and he’d squeak in barely a whisper “My voice is hiding!”

Waldorf Wednesday #22

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Today begins a very important time in our family—Lent. We slow things down. Stick close to home. Simplify. We look inward and give some things up, take some things on. It’s kind of intense, but welcome.

So, you’ll forgive me if I’m not too verbose today. It’s a thinking time.

Oh, I will share this though. See this?


That, my friends, is Stephen Sondheim. And so is this.

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

We are all in a tizzy here. When I found out Stephen Sondheim, my most favorite composer ever, was coming to give a lecture near our old hometown, I figured this was exactly the time we needed to take a roadtrip. We had to go anyway to trade up Michael’s cello for full-size and Katie Grace’s violin for a half-size, so we could consolidate trips. And I need a whole bunch of bulk stuff, so we’re hitting the Amish store as well. It will be my first night ever away from the twins. Grandma and Grandpa are coming up to help Daddy though, so that’s OK. Still… nervous!

Waldorf Wednesday #20


Pretending to sled with Winter Seasons of Joy

20 seems momentous. Yay us!

I am stealing time. I should be leading circle or cleaning a kitchen or teaching a main lesson. But I was naughty and didn’t do this last night, so I am grabbing a few moments to do it now. And instead of Doing School, Nicholas is reading and Daniel is “writing a song” and Matthew and Molly is playing piano. Katie Grace is trying to get our ancient computer to kick into gear and Michael, who isn’t feeling well, is upstairs in bed reading Les Miserables. So maybe we’re Doing School after all.